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Increase in M&A activity as a source of business growth.

There are many reasons for a business to decide on M&A as a growth strategy. Top reasons include:

  1. Expand customer base
  2. Diversify products and geographical reach
  3. Talent acquisition

The underlining reason is to grow faster and become more competitive. However, faster doesn’t mean easier. As you try to accelerate return on investment with fast integration, you can run into challenges that, if handled incorrectly, can be devastating for the business.


Visualize Each Organization

Understanding each organization individually is difficult as they often use incompatible systems to store information, preventing smooth collaboration, causing delays and inconsistencies.

Loss of Key Talent

During M&A activity, uncertainty about job security, chain of command and org structure can cause the best and brightest from each organization to leave before the M&A is complete.

Data Conversion and Reporting

Due to incompatibility between tools, converting data from disparate systems and reporting tools is difficult and prone to mistakes.


Modelling and Visualization

Improve M&A integration success with modeling and visualization of data across multiple organizational structures all within one tool.

Integrate Data

Seamlessly combine organizational data from multiple HCM solutions to identify and retain your key talent. Create temporary org charts during transition to keep clear management structure throughout.

Measure Impact

Explore advanced out-of-the-box analytics to identify data inconsistencies, measure the impact of potential and implemented changes for successful M&A implementation.

Technology to assist in M&A activity is quickly becoming the dominant solution to a very complex problem. Nakisa Hanelly organizational design is one of the most robust and complete solutions available today and is specifically designed to streamline organizational change.


“Almost two-thirds of respondents (63 percent) are going beyond the spreadsheet and using new M&A technology tools to assist with reporting and integration. Respondents say the tools help reduce conflicts, costs, and time—likely key factors in making more deals work.”

- Deloitte, State of the deal, M&A trends 2018

With Hanelly you can use specialized features such as intuitive drag and drop, secure collaboration and scenario specific talent analytics to accelerate post-acquisition integration and mitigate talent risks.

M&As are won or lost during integration and implementation so having the right technology in place to support the HR and integration teams is crucial.

You can start using your Hanelly org chart today from as little as $500 per month.

The Case of the Mixed Up Merger…

See how Alice Planner, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, saves the day by effectively merging Sweet Chocolate Company and Peanutty Butter Inc. using Nakisa Hanelly.
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