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Nakisa Commercial Real Estate Software (NRE) Demo Catalog

Watch short demos of Nakisa Commercial Real Estate Software to see how it can facilitate the management...

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CAM Reconciliation in Commercial Real Estate: Definition, Calculation, and Best Practices...

Read our ultimate guide on CAM in Real Estate! CAM definition, key components to consider for CAM...

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The Future of Commercial Real Estate: Trends, Challenges, and Technologies That...

Explore commercial real estate trends, challenges, and solutions in 2023-2024! Learn best practices and how software can...

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Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate Management Software

With this guide, define your solution needs, identify must-have software features, and compare existing real estate management...

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5 Key Elements to Look for in a Lease Accounting Solution

This guide focuses on the key elements to look for in a lease accounting solution.

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Nakisa Real Estate Solution Brief

Gain control of your corporate real estate assets

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Adopting ASC 842 | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and additional perspective on the ASC 842 lease accounting standard

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