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Nakisa is Among Best Canadian Employers for Recent Graduates, Again in 2024 

Nakisa is recognized as best Canadian employer for recent graduates in 2024

We are excited to share that the Career Directory has named Nakisa one of Canada's Best Employers for recent graduates in 2024. This is the second year in a row that Nakisa has earned this recognition (2023 and 2024), a huge source of pride for our organization. 

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This achievement reflects Nakisa’s mission, which is “bringing together the brightest minds with diverse backgrounds to provide innovative solutions and an amazing experience for clients.” Enthusiastic and tech-savvy, recent graduates have fresh perspectives and are ready to innovate, bringing new ideas and creative decisions to the table.  

To unlock the potential of those fresh graduates, Nakisa ensures mentorship and growth initiatives. We provide a supportive environment for employee development, fostering knowledge sharing, cross-team collaboration, and constant feedback. Surrounded by experienced peers, recent graduates quickly gain the autonomy and confidence needed for success. 

Yasaman Sarlati
Software Developer at Nakisa

I joined Nakisa right after my graduation, almost two years ago. I was introduced to a whole new technology for me, and, like everyone else, I was quite overwhelmed. My manager helped me overcome my hesitation by providing me with constant support and dividing complex tasks into smaller pieces so that we can move step by step. Right now, I’m working on projects with Rest API, Spring boot and JPA, VueJS, and Quasar technologies. I feel way more confident now and I can help others understand and resolve tasks.

Recent graduates at Nakisa can also benefit from the breakfast sessions with the CEO and management team, to which all new hires are invited. This personal touch allows fresh graduates to engage with the management team over coffee, learn about their experiences, and share ideas. We have an open communication approach in our company meetings and team-building activities, fostering a sense of belonging and support. 

Nakisa’s success is a team effort. The collaboration between members of the Nakisa family has led to solutions recognized and celebrated as some of the best in the market. In its journey, Nakisa remains committed to creating an environment where every individual, especially recent graduates, can thrive and contribute to this ongoing success story. 

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