A Roundtable Discussion & Networking Event

Date: September 28th, 5:00-7:30 PM

The Dos and Don'ts of Organizational Integration

Location: 2000, rue Mansfield, Montreal, Suite 500
Nakisa Offline Event The Do's and Don'ts of Organizational Integration
Nakisa Offline Event The Do's and Don'ts of Organizational Integration

Let's Discuss:

Commercial, industrial, and economic reasons lead organizations to change: merge, acquire, or separate their talent and business units. During the change, a mix of financial and talent challenges requires difficult trade-offs. Often, actions must be taken quickly based on information that is far from complete.

Join our discussion to learn how to move quickly during business transformations and discover hidden gems of your organization!

Organizational Integration During Merger & Acquisitions Can Be Challenging
Robert Nardi, Chief Operation Officer at Nakisa


About the Presenter:
Robert Nardi

Robert spent over 25 years at Deloitte advising CEO’s from organizations of all sizes. He spent his career working with technology clients and brings over a decade of experience as the managing partner of Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industry group, where he helped organizations navigate rapid growth, raise financing, support mergers and acquisitions and drive business strategy.

About the Presenter:
Philip Hofton

Philip comes to Nakisa with 20+ years of business transformation and change management experience. He helped organizations lead post-merger/acquisition integrations, streamline operational and business processes based on cloud ERP technology, and transform the HR, Finance, and IT functions. Philip’s expertise has enabled many large and small enterprises in Canada and across the globe reach the next level of performance.

Philip Hofton, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Nakisa


Thursday September 28, 2023
5:00-7:30 PM | 2000, rue Mansfield, Montreal, Suite 500

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Nakisa delivers business-critical solutions by using microservices and technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, CI/CD framework, and many other state-of-art tech stacks. We are excited about utilizing consumer-grade technologies for enterprises to offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and speed of innovation.


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A solution for corporate real estate teams that facilitates day-to-day operations and RE portfolio optimization, as well as accounting compliance.

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