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Nakisa Announces New Chemical Products Industry Customers for its SAP Lease Administration Solution


MONTREAL, Canada – 07/03/2018 - We are pleased to announce two additions from the Chemical Products industry to the Nakisa Customer Family, which includes over 800 global enterprise customers and more than 4 million users. Advansix and Yara International have chosen SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa to gain insight into their global lease portfolios and to support their adoption of new lease accounting standards.

Manufacturing chemical products involves complex capital-intensive processes, where the assets operate on a nearly continuous basis. Industry participants make extensive use of lease arrangements to provide capacity, improve reliability, and ensure quality.

SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa supports chemical products customers with key integration capabilities, allowing them to leverage existing technology investments to streamline contract, equipment lease accounting, and compliance reporting efforts. By facilitating uniform workflows and creating real-time documentation for key decisions, Nakisa’s solution serves as a valuable tool for chemical products manufacturers implementing new lease accounting rules.

Given the part leases play in their success, we are proud that leading chemical products companies like Advansix and Yara International continue to choose SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa to support their lease management and accounting processes.

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