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Nakisa Announces New Railway Services Industry Customers for its SAP Lease Administration Solution


MONTREAL, Canada – 08/03/2018 -We are pleased to announce two additions from the railway services industry to the Nakisa Customer Family, which includes over 800 global enterprise customers and more than 4 million users. BNSF and SNCF have chosen SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa to gain insight into their global lease portfolios and to support their adoption of new lease accounting rules.

Fuel efficient, reliable assets are central to the environmental-friendly value proposition for railway service providers. Industry leaders employ large-scale lease portfolios to implement the investments necessary for their success.

As a comprehensive foundation for asset accounting, maintenance tracking, and master data management, SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa provides railway services industry customers with the tools and processes to manage their lease investments. Through powerful automation and ERP integration technology, the Nakisa solution is a valuable tool for those companies affected by new accounting rules requiring financial statement issuers to put all their leases on the balance sheet beginning in 2019.

Given the part leases play in their success, we are proud that leading chemical products companies like Advansix and Yara International continue to choose SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa to support their lease management and accounting processes.

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A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Organization Transformation and Accounting and Compliance, Nakisa delivers innovative, forward-thinking and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance your business strategies. Available on premise and in the cloud.

Working with a global network of partners and as one of the few Solution Extension (SolEx) partners of SAP since 2007, Nakisa serves 800+ enterprise customers and over 4 million subscribers in 24 industries. Nakisa is proud to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands.

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