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Nakisa Announces newest release for Nakisa Hanelly in June 2019 with new customer configuration and UI/UX enhancements.


Montreal — 04/06/2019 - Nakisa Announces a new release for Nakisa Hanelly with enhancements that streamline and simplify the solution deployment and configuration process for Nakisa customers and system administrators. These enhancements including functionality, security and additional flexibility to the backend of the application by enabling customer to configure the solution to better match internal business processes.

“Nakisa Hanelly is consistently reviewed, assessed and worked on to advance the solution in ways that will benefit the end user. This is based on both our customer feedback and on our own drive to innovate and push boundaries.” says Babak Varjavandi, CEO of Nakisa. “The main change in our latest update is about empowering our Admin Users to make the changes they need independently, reducing deployment times and overall cost. Our vision is building a consumer grade business application that is easy to use, and easy to configure.”

As a managed SaaS solution, Nakisa Hanelly deploys enhancements on a regular basis to continually innovate in the HR technology space and deliver an ever-advancing organizational design technology to their customers. With this latest release, partners and customers can now configure the application themselves directly from the AdminConsole, create their own custom fields and views, and then roll out the changes to all of their Nakisa Hanelly userbase.

Simon Goupil, Executive Vice President, Strategic Industries and Alliances at Rizing HCM states “This release is a significant step forward for us, giving more flexibility to support our customers with their unique HR business requirements. The new suite of Admin enhancements puts the power to create custom fields, views and dashboards in the hands of Nakisa's Partners and Customers to configure and customize their own solution as needed.”

This release also includes significant enhancements to the user interface and user experience with improvements to the solutions menus and overall org chart navigation behavior. Other enhancements include simplification of user-created graphs, menu and application behavior improvements, and improvements to the solution analytics which now allow users to set the default currency and make headcount and turnover data available in Variance Trends Analytics.

To learn more about Nakisa Hanelly’s latest update you can read about it on Nakisa’s blog or visit our website to learn about how Nakisa can help organizations with their organization design such as reorganizations, employee reduction-in-force, and mergers & acquisitions.

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