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Nakisa unveils next-generation cloud-native workforce planning portfolio


[Montreal, Quebec] - [June 6, 2024] - Nakisa, a leading provider of enterprise human resource and financial software solutions, announced the launch of its Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio today. This comprehensive portfolio of modern workforce planning products is built on the company's new cloud-native microservice architecture, the Nakisa Cloud Platform (NCP)

The Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio is a leap forward in workforce planning software, offering the first-to-market ability to do both top-down and bottom-up in a single software-as-a-service solution, among many other capabilities. This portfolio empowers HR professionals, executives, and people managers at any level to initiate, manage, and collaborate on organizational transformation and workforce growth. It consists of three powerful product suites: 

  • The Nakisa Org Chart Suite, which provides intuitive visualization and seamless ERP integration. This suite allows users to map workforce structures across the entire organization precisely and with ease. 
  • The Nakisa Org Design Suite, which offers top-down and bottom-up organizational design, allows executives and managers to modify team structures in response to emerging talent needs and collaborate effectively and smoothly with the HR experts. It also provides powerful organizational change modeling and streamlined approval workflows for organizational design. 
  • The Nakisa Strategic Workforce Planning Suite, which provides intelligent headcount planning enriched with skill-based analysis, making it easy for enterprises to do precise talent allocation and resource management with financial insights. 

"We are thrilled to launch our new workforce planning product portfolio. It’s a spectrum of software products tailored to the needs of today’s large enterprises," said Dr. Soodeh Farokhi, Chief Product Officer at Nakisa. "This portfolio is designed to cover the entire range of operational and strategic workforce planning use cases. It is built for HR and non-HR experts, offering managers a modern and intuitive UX to meet the demands of modern organizational change. What makes this portfolio unique is its ability to democratize org visualization and organization design while providing a data-driven and skills-based approach to headcount planning. Enterprises face many distinct and rapidly changing complex challenges, and the Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio helps clients build responsive organizations to meet them all. Our portfolio is built on the cutting-edge, microservice-based NCP platform, featuring a robust LLM engine. It is cloud-native and enhanced with generative AI use cases, providing superior security, scalability, performance, and a comprehensive API ecosystem."

Besides being expressly created to serve enterprise organization transformation needs, the Nakisa Workforce Planning Portfolio has a relentlessly user-centric user experience, providing seamless self-service onboarding and intuitive in-app onboarding and training. This is intended to help clients get faster time-to-value. Beyond the ease of use, clients can explore via the new Nakisa Product Center how the other products that Nakisa offers can make a positive impact on their organizations. By making the portfolio so user-centric, Nakisa is strongly signaling its strategic shift to become a product-led company, where all company functions are aligned around delivering exceptional product experiences and customer value. It is the next chapter in Nakisa’s 20-year history of embracing continuous innovation to drive scalable growth for enterprise clients. 

"Going forward, our products will be the primary driver for everything we do," explained Dr. Farokhi. "This product-led transformation, driven by user insights, allows us to always build the right products for customers that are closely matched to their needs." 

To experience our cloud-native Workforce Planning Portfolio in action, join our upcoming webinar! There, we’ll present all the functionality and the benefits our cloud-native platform brings to the clients. Register to join us live or get the webinar recording! 

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Nakisa is a global leader in cloud-native solutions for lease accounting, lease and real estate management, organizational design, and workforce planning. With a commitment to innovation, Nakisa provides enterprises with the technology they need to meet the challenges and complexities of a rapidly changing business landscape. 

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