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Nakisians stand in solidarity with people of Syria & Turkey


At Nakisa, we were deeply saddened by the news about the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Such catastrophes always show how little humans can do in the face of terrifying nature. Still, we didn't want to stay aside and do nothing. Nakisians through Humanity First Charity organization, raised and donated $15,000 to assist in rebuilding the lives of those affected. 

 At first, we were hesitant to talk about this publicly. But then we understood the importance of showing our genuine care and encouraging others to support the people of Syria and Turkey in any way possible. “Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy, and we stand in solidarity with them during this difficult time. We hope our donation can provide some relief and assist in rebuilding the lives and communities impacted by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.” says Tara Varjavandi, special advisor at Nakisa. 

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