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We are pleased to welcome Sealed Air Corporation to the Nakisa Customer Family.


MONTREAL, Canada – 01/28/2019 - We are pleased to welcome Sealed Air Corporation to the Nakisa Customer Family, consisting of over 800 global enterprise customers and over 4 million users.

Sealed Air Corporation selected Nakisa Hanelly because of the robust organizational charting and design capabilities that will help them plan out and fully mange their current workforce.

The customer was looking for a software that would answer the day-to-day needs of such a large organization, as well as provide flexible, intuitive reporting to help them with all deliverables. Hanelly’s ability to enable organizations to model efficiencies and opportunities, and align existing functional units to meet business strategy, made it the right choice for Sealed Air.

About Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation is a packaging company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sealed Air provides packaging solutions to customers in 122 countries worldwide, through their portfolio of recognized brands including Cryovac brand food packaging and Bubble Wrap brand cushioning packaging.

About Nakisa

A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Organization Design and Accounting and Compliance, Nakisa delivers innovative, forward-thinking and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance your business strategies.

Working with a global network of partners Nakisa serves 800+ enterprise customers and over 4 million subscribers in 24 industries. ERP-agnostic, cloud-based software allows Nakisa to meet the needs of organizations with complex business challenges. Nakisa is proud to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands.

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