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Nakisa HR Suite Product Overview

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Welcome to the Nakisa HR Suite (formerly known as Hanelly), the organizational design and workforce analytics solution built to meet the complex needs of today's large enterprises. 

The Nakisa HR Suite unifies all the HR data you need to keep pace with continuously shifting organizational needs under a single platform. It's the only software in its category that seamlessly integrates with all major ERP and HCM solutions. 

The Nakisa HR suite includes Nakisa OrgInsight for workforce analytics and Nakisa OrgDesign, the ultimate workforce modeling and people analytics solution that allows you to align your workforce with your business strategy in just a few clicks. 

OrgInsight's analytics module presents data quality indexes and trends, audit logs, and a change report to ensure all centralized HR data is trustworthy and readily usable to glean strategic insights. The solution includes key indicators such as employee promotion rates, salary and salary gap trends, tenure analysis, span of control, talent ratings, critical roles, and other analytics you can filter and display by gender, ethnicity, or age. This allows you to analyze, for example, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) rates and pinpoint areas needing improvement. 

OrgInsight empowers you to start your organizational design activities on the right foot, and with the HR Suite's advanced org chart visualization capabilities, you can see the organization in a new light. Views like sunburst and icicle charts can help you make sense of large data sets. An employee map view is also available to visualize the geographical distribution of employees better. 

What's more, data such as salaries, headcount, talent rating, and span of control appear in a chart to provide you with an instant understanding of your entire workforce so you can measure HR KPIs against your goals. Once you have analyzed, visualized, and understood the status of your workforce, you'll be ready to make the necessary strategic decisions. 

With Nakisa OrgDesign, you can create “what-if” scenarios in a sandbox environment to model changes in your organization's structure and workforce without affecting your current arrangement. You can establish objectives and targets at the beginning of the modeling process to track which proposed changes will allow you to achieve your goals. 

OrgDesign enables you to compare multiple scenarios side by side—you can contrast your current hierarchy with the future organization you are modeling. Drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to immediately see the impact of your edits and leverage mass changes to accelerate the design process. 

All the created scenarios can easily be saved, managed, and exported. The solution also features approval workflows to help you foster collaboration between HR specialists and business leaders during your organization design process. 

When you and your team have validated and approved a new org plan, Nakisa writes back and implements the changes directly in your ERP and HCM systems via native integrations, APIs, or connectors, saving you time in the implementation of the new structure while eliminating human error from the process. 

Implementing strategic organizational design is quick and easy with the Nakisa HR Suite. Contact us to learn more! 

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