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Why collecting data is so important for org design—and what you...

This article explores the pivotal role of data analysis in evaluating organizational status, spotting trends, and making...

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Top 3 challenges to achieving your organization’s diversity and inclusion (D&I)...

This article delves into the key challenges that impede organizations' diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals, highlighting how...

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Nakisa Hanelly’s 4 latest features drive organizational agility

The blog post highlights four new features in Nakisa Hanelly that enhance organizational agility and provide HR...

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HR in HCM: The Role of HR During Turbulent Periods

This blog explores key HR focus areas during turbulent times, emphasizing employee wellbeing through clear communication, optimizing...

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Diversity in action: Using technology to promote organizational equality

A study by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) predicts that narrowing the gender gap by doubling women’s contribution...

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Hanelly May 2018 Release Filter Panel Update

A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Organization Transformation and Accounting & Compliance, Nakisa delivers innovative,...

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How Qualified Candidates are now in the Driver’s Seat

The Global labour market is at a turning point Qualified currently employed candidates, not recruiters, are now...

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