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Why should enterprises care about FIPS cryptography compliance by their SaaS...

Discover why enterprises should prioritize FIPS cryptography compliance in SaaS vendors, ensuring robust security measures for their...

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How Nakisa Lease Administration ERP integration complies to rigorous security standards

The post outlines the robust security measures and protocols implemented by Nakisa Lease Accounting (NLA) to ensure...

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Nakisa Hanelly’s 4 latest features drive organizational agility

The blog post highlights four new features in Nakisa Hanelly that enhance organizational agility and provide HR...

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Everything you need to know about ITGC

This blog covers the three main areas ITGC focuses on and explores how software like Nakisa can...

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Understanding Nakisa Hanelly: Role-Based Security

This blog post covers Nakisa Hanelly's role-based security model for controlling user access permissions based on organizational...

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