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Your Voice Matters: Insights from Nakisa’s 2023 Annual Voice of Client Report


At Nakisa, we’re both product-led and customer-obsessed. It means our cloud-native, innovative products are the north star of our strategies and efforts, and to bring this mindset to life, we ensure our clients have all the support they need to make the best of those solutions. It also means we’re all ears to our customers’ suggestions and concerns, so we’re continuously building better products for them.

Here’s one of the results of this vision: our 2023 Annual Voice of Client Report. We’ve conducted a survey and 1-on-1 interviews with clients and the members of our executive team to extract insights and ideas that are sure to drive our present and future initiatives.

In this report, you’ll see in detail how our clients’ input was central to the improvements we implemented in 2023. Here are the areas and initiatives we focused on in the last year:

  • Cloud-Native Innovation in a Product-Led Company
  • Client Satisfaction
  • The Nakisa Community & Client Enablement
  • Industry Event
  • Team Growth, Learning & Development
  • Giving Back to the Community

You’ll also notice how our survey’s participants come from many different industries (see the chart below). This is even more important given the fact that Nakisa’s products are industry-agnostic, so receiving feedback from various perspectives is crucial for building solutions that are more relevant and impactful.

To download the report, you need to be our client: access your Customer Success Portal to get the full document. Also, if you have any questions or want to share your feedback for our next report, reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager—or just contact us!

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