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Nakisa Lease Administration is Recognized as a Top Performer for Three Years in a Row 

Nakisa Lease Administration is Top Performer in 2024 lease accounting software category!

In its Winter 2024 Report, FeaturedCustomers—one of the world’s leading customer reference platforms for B2B business software & services—named Nakisa Lease Administration (NLA) a Top Performer in the lease accounting software category. This is the third time in a row that Nakisa gets this recognition (and it feels just as awesome as the first time!) 

The report included only 13 software solutions out of numerous potential lease accounting software across the globe. Nakisa Lease Administration made the Top Performers list after meeting all of FeaturesCustomers’ criteria based on a careful curation of case studies, testimonials, and videos from across the web.

So, what makes Nakisa a Top Performer? Well, it’s all because of the constant support of our amazing clients and the hard work of Nakisa’s teams! Client feedback and trust fuel our success—so thank you all who shared their success stories, testimonials, videos, and every bit of feedback on Nakisa. It's our collaboration and partnership with clients that makes Nakisa Lease Administration the exceptional software it is. 

Here’s a shoutout to our developers, product managers, solution engineers, custom success managers, and many more. Each one of them played a key role in earning this recognition, so here's a massive thank you to our rockstar employees! 

Being recognized is an honor, but guess what? We're not hitting the brakes—here's to more collaboration and success to take our lease accounting software to even greater heights! 

2023 Overview: NLA is named Top Performer for Lease Administration

In 2023, Nakisa also was recognized as a Top Performer but in the Lease Administration category (compared to the Lease Accounting Software category in 2024). You can find Nakisa Lease Administration software in the Spring 2023 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers.  

As you may know, the Customer Success Report is based on the curation of authenticated case studies, testimonials, and videos from across the web, offering a complete story of vendors in the Lease Administration Software space, based on real customer experiences.  

We’re proud that Nakisa's high-quality content and meticulous curation of quality customer references from multiple third-party sites have earned us high ratings from our satisfied clients.  

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