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Nakisa Workforce Planning Software (formerly Hanelly) Demo Catalog


Looking for a comprehensive solution to visualize, analyze, plan, and design your complex organization structure? Nakisa Workforce Planning software (formerly Nakisa HR Suite) is tailored to meet the needs of global enterprises, providing a comprehensive solution for organizational design, headcount planning, HR analytics, and more.

Key features include strategic and operational workforce planning, enabling you to bridge your organizational vision with agile team-level changes; scenario modeling with advanced organizational design capabilities, ERP/HCM write-back functionality, and collaborative features for seamless teamwork; real-time, configurable, and intuitive org charts and reports integrated with ERP/HCM systems, allowing you to slice, dice, and report HR data out-of-the-box; and powerful integrations and automation to ensure accuracy and consistency of HR data.

Watch our short demo videos to see how Nakisa Workforce Planning software can streamline your workforce planning processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and agile organizational transformation. Alternatively, request a demo to experience Nakisa Workforce Planning software firsthand.

Interested to see more? Request a demo today and experience Nakisa Workforce Planning software firsthand.

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