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Nakisa Workforce Planning Software (formerly Hanelly) Demo Catalog

Watch short demos of Nakisa Workforce Planning Software and explore its organizational design, organizational chart, headcount planning,...

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Leveraging organizational design for business transformation

Explore how strategic organizational design can catalyze business transformation, illustrated by real-life examples from our clients.

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Can talent mobility help reduce talent loss risk?

Explore how implementing talent mobility programs, enabling employees to transition into new roles and opportunities within a...

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How leaders create Organization Alignment

Explore how aligning an organization's key elements, including strategy, structure, processes, and people practices, is crucial for...

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The sped-up world: Five ways to prepare for post-COVID growth

Let’s discuss strategies for organizations to adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape, accelerated by...

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Ready for change: How the oil and gas industry is restructuring...

Emphasizing the importance of organizational change and workforce planning, the article explores how the oil and gas...

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Why collecting data is so important for org design—and what you...

This article explores the pivotal role of data analysis in evaluating organizational status, spotting trends, and making...

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Top 3 challenges to achieving your organization’s diversity and inclusion (D&I)...

This article delves into the key challenges that impede organizations' diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals, highlighting how...

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Nakisa Hanelly 2020 Fall Release: What’s New?

Nakisa Hanelly's 2020 Fall Release introduces a new, intuitive succession planning feature. This update allows users to...

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