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Nakisa owns or controls a variety of registered and unregistered product names, trade names, trademarks, service names, and service marks in Canada, the United States, and in other countries of the world.

The following non-exhaustive list sets out some of Nakisa’s names and/or marks. All use, reproduction, advertisement, display, publication, or transmission of any of Nakisa names and/or marks in any media without Nakisa’s prior written consent is prohibited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

All other names and/or marks listed on the Nakisa website are the property of their respective owner.

Nakisa Names and Marks Listing:

  • Nakisa®
  • Organizational Visualization Solutions by Nakisa®
  • Talent Visualization Solutions by Nakisa®
  • Nakisa® OrgHub™
  • Nakisa® OrgHub™ for Employees
  • Nakisa® OrgHub™ for Managers
  • Nakisa® OrgHub™ for HR & Executives
  • Nakisa® OrgHub™ for Mobile
  • OrgChart™
  • SocialLink™
  • Directory™
  • OrgModeler™
  • TeamManager™
  • DataQualityConsole™
  • OrgAudit™
  • Nakisa® TalentHub™
  • Nakisa® TalentHub™ for Employees
  • Nakisa® TalentHub™ for Managers
  • Nakisa® TalentHub™ for HR & Executives
  • CareerPlanning™
  • DevelopmentPlanning™
  • SuccessionPlanning™
  • CompetencyManagement™
  • TalentDashboard™
  • TalentFramework™
  • AdminConsole™

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