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Secure technology that makes it easier to integrate lease data with your finance tool (SAP S4/HANA, SAP ECC, Oracle, …)

Meet the Nakisa Cloud Connector, our finance integration module

Companies with large, complex portfolios of property and equipment assets cannot afford to rely on siloed systems and manual data reconciliation. This is the reason why integration is essential to your data management strategy. The Nakisa Cloud Platform is what makes all of our Nakisa applications possible—a secure, flexible, and API-driven cloud architecture. The Nakisa Cloud Connector is the unique access point from third party systems to our platform, allowing customers to seamlessly connect their finance solutions and system of records such as SAP S/4HANA to Nakisa Lease Administration.


Master data transfers happen seamlessly, in real time, between your ERP environment and Nakisa Lease Administration.


Schedule your journal entries and postings from your lease subledger to different ledgers in multiple ERPs.


The Nakisa Cloud Connector enables our platform to scale with your enterprise data sets and transaction loads.

Customer case: High-availability deployment of Nakisa Cloud Connector for SAP

Integrate lease data with SAP, Oracle and more platforms at once, whether on-premises or in the cloud

We built Nakisa Lease Administration in collaboration with SAP right from the first development iteration. Today, Nakisa Lease Administration integrates not only to SAP solutions, but also to the world’s leading ERPs. With up to 45 possible concurrent, bi-directional ERP integrations, Nakisa Lease Administration is ready to be your unique, automated lease accounting and management platform. The Nakisa Cloud Connector was validated by both SAP and Oracle partners and is listed in their marketplaces.

Integration with SAP ERPs (S4/HANA, ECC)

Native, bidirectional integration with SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA using SAP’s Java Connector over TCP/IP.
Sync master data and post journal entries to GL accounts.

Integration with
Oracle ERP

Bidirectional integration with Oracle Cloud Financials.
Sync master data and post journal entries to GL accounts.

API integration with more tools

Our lightweight technology has a small resource footprint, resulting in low hardware requirements. Sync with general ledgers, BI, reporting, and reconciliation tools, like BlackLine.

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When the world is your field...

Many of the global companies that contact us have one issue in common. They usually have tried and failed to harmonize their lease practice over different regions and entities. Thanks to Nakisa Lease Administration and the Nakisa Cloud Connector, they are able to solve this problem, by unifying lease accounting operations across the company and globally.

…There’s no place for paper and spreadsheets

In large organizations, teams must deal with thousands of contracts that have different terms and conditions, multiple currencies, several monthly casualty or replacement events, and an impressive number of asset units. The Nakisa Cloud Connector syncs lease data between Nakisa Lease Administration and your finance platform, eliminating the need to manage and upload spreadsheets.

Automation is the only way to stay in control.

Through automation, Nakisa Lease Administration reduces manual activities to the minimum and implements approval workflows to channel critical user actions. Thanks to this, data integrity and consistency are simpler to achieve. The Nakisa Cloud Connector’s bots will send your lease data to your central reporting tools.

Struggling to centralize you lease practice?

Leverage ERP integration with Nakisa Lease
Administration to reach your goals faster.

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