With Nakisa’s Native Integrations, Streamline Your Org Design, Org Visualization, and HR Analytics

Centralize your HR data management with Nakisa’s native ERP integrations such as  SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors (SF), Oracle, Workday, and more. Learn how Nakisa’s integrations can transform how you use HR data, without getting bogged down in technical jargon.

Nakisa HR Suite integrates with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF), Oracle, PeopleSoft, Workday, and more

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Benefits of Using Nakisa’s Integrations

One Source of Truth

Access real-time HR data from your ERP and HCM solutions effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual data transfers and embrace the power of accurate, up-to-date information to drive strategic decision-making.


Whether you're making changes in your ERP, HCM, HRIS, or Nakisa, our integrations enable smooth, bidirectional data transfers, ensuring all your updates are seamlessly synchronized.


Implement large-scale transformations like reorganizations with ease. Nakisa's integrations eliminate data silos, allowing you to create agile organizational designs and charts that adapt to your evolving business needs.


Your data is your most valuable asset, and we treat it as such. With Nakisa's secure open REST APIs, you can rest assured that your HR data is always protected during transfers. We comply with ITGC, GDPR, and FSIB 140-2. SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II standards.

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Nakisa Cloud Connector

Leverage the power of Nakisa Cloud Connector to easily connect and integrate your data sources in your HCM and ERP systems with Nakisa’s products. From SAP SuccessFactors to Azure AD, our connectors facilitate bidirectional data transfers to ensure seamless integrations. With Nakisa Cloud Connector, you can:

Nakisa Cloud Connector

Achieve Secure Writeback

Seamlessly push scenarios and models back into your ERP or HCM solution with a few clicks, utilizing effective dates for staged designs.

Experience Smooth Data Sync

The sync report performs a three-way comparison between your current scenario, the latest source data, and the original data when the scenario was created, ensuring accurate data updates.

Monitor with Confidence

Nakisa's robust IDoc listener offers speedy monitoring, encrypting, and file transferring, keeping you informed with timely heartbeat status notifications.

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Nakisa SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors

Nakisa SAP SuccessFactors
From SAP SuccessFactors to Nakisa applications
  1. Nakisa requests data from SAP SuccessFactors using an OData URL (GET).
  2. SAP SuccessFactors sends the requested data in JSON format to Nakisa over a secure TLS connection (https).
  3. Nakisa processes the received JSON data and updates its own database.
From Nakisa applications to SAP SuccessFactors
  1. Nakisa sends data to SAP SuccessFactors using an OData URL (POST).
  2. The data transfer is secured with TLS (https).
  3. SAP SuccessFactors responds with a status message to Nakisa, confirming the update.
Nakisa SAP HCM Integration


Nakisa SAP HCM Integration
From SAP HCM to Nakisa applications
  1. SAP bundles the HR master data and then sends the payload (IDocs) to Nakisa.
  2. The Nakisa Cloud Connector receives the payload (via IDoc listener), encrypts it and then transfers it to Nakisa via a secure funnel.
  3. Nakisa’s Cloud Gateway decrypts the IDoc and passes it to an IDoc Listener.
  4. Nakisa processes the IDoc and updates its database.
From Nakisa applications to SAP HCM
  1. Nakisa fetches data from its database.
  2. Nakisa packages the changed data and then sends it to Nakisa Cloud Gateway.
  3. Nakisa Cloud Gateway encrypts and transmits data through a secure funnel.
  4. Nakisa Cloud Connector decrypts data and forwards it to SAP, which processes and responds.
Nakisa Workday HR Integration


Nakisa Workday HR Integration

From Workday to Nakisa applications

  1. Nakisa initiates SOAP URL (GET) requesting data in XML format to Workday secured with TLS (https).
  2. Workday responds with XML format data to Nakisa secured with TLS (https).
  3. Nakisa processes XML format data and updates database.
From Nakisa applications to Workday
  1. Nakisa initiates a SOAP URL (POST) to Workday and secures with TLS (https).
  2. Workday responds with a status message to Nakisa secured with TLS (https).
  3. Nakisa processes the status message updates its database.

Key Features of Nakisa Cloud Connector


Secure writeback to push scenarios and models back into your ERP or HCM solution in only a few clicks while leveraging effective dates for staged designs. 

Sync Report 

The sync report performs a three-way comparison between your current scenario, the latest source data, and the original data at the time the scenario was created. It will be able to identify what data from the latest source has changed and need to be brought into your scenario, while also keeping track of all the modeling changes that were made.

Heartbeat Monitoring

The robust IDoc listener allows for increased speed of monitoring, encrypting, and file transferring. The IDoc Listener will send heartbeat status with a timestamp to the SFTP server, this timestamp also includes interval information at which IDoc Listener is publishing heartbeat. When the IDoc Listener goes down, an email notification is sent out. You can proactively know when the IDoc connection is down.

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