Nakisa Real Estate

Gain control of your
corporate real estate assets 

Nakisa Real Estate

Nakisa Real Estate is an enterprise-grade solution designed by and for corporate real estate professionals. The robust, scalable, and secure platform provides bottom-line value by enabling real estate departments to respond quickly and strategically to today’s ever-changing business environment.

Leverage powerful insights from a single source of truth

With seamless integration to your ERPs and other relevant systems, Nakisa Real Estate centralizes corporate real estate data and streamlines processes, allowing you to:

Increase productivity

Streamline operations with
automated tasks and

Reduce costs

Track critical dates and
rents, identify expenses and
overbilling, and automate

Improve data quality

Centralize your lease
information and easily identify
potential information gaps

Nakisa Real Estate: Key features

Nakisa Real Estate centralizes corporate real estate data, automates workflows, and fully supports the corporate real estate lifecycle. Its features include:

Critical dates dashboard

Track critical deadlines and milestones with synced and up-to-date

Cost analysis

Download occupancy costs from any accounting system with bidirectional integration to perform cost

Rent roll reporting

Generate rent roll reports and compare them to previous months to help you benchmark against your

Tired of working with outdated technology?

Relying on legacy software creates disconnected, inefficient processes and generates unreliable data. Nakisa Real Estate is a robust and modern tool that stores and manages real estate information, leverages data analytics, and provides visibility into your corporate real estate portfolio, empowering you to manage operational costs and make informed business decisions

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