Streamline Commercial Real Estate Management with Nakisa Real Estate

Bring together commercial real estate portfolios, accounting, and operations to get a clear overview and full control over your RE assets.

Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) offers a single end-to-end solution to manage all owned, leased, and sub-leased properties.

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Nakisa Real Estate:

Automate commercial real estate operations with Nakisa Real Estate Management Software.

Get expert features for CRE daily operations

Benefit from automated payments and calculations such as percentage rent, CPI rent, CAM reconciliations, and more. NRE also offers ad-hoc reports & dashboards and critical date notifications.

Ensure IFRS 16, ASC 842, GASB 87, and AASB 16 compliance with Nakisa Real Estate Software.

Ensure consistency and compliance

Ensure data consistency for all teams. Utilize Nakisa’s native ERP integration (SAP, Oracle, and more) and powerful API. The accounting team can use the same data set and ensure IFRS16 & ASC 842 compliance.

Get innovation and scalability with Nakisa Cloud-Native Platform.

Enjoy the speed of innovations

NRE uses the latest technologies, such as microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka, and Elasticsearch to bring agility and scalability to your business. Enjoy automated updates each 6-8 weeks and 2 major releases a year.

Key Features For Your Automated Workflow

Even more automation for your real estate lease management:

From Data to Action: Add Visibility to
Your Real Estate Portfolio

Centralized Accurate Data

Connect isolated data sources, ERP systems and various SaaS tools with our open platform and build one source of truth. Use our native bidirectional ERP integrations (SAP and Oracle) and numerous API to streamline, validate and write back data. Ensure data integrity and tools interoperability with our technologies!


“Its diverse features have made it much easier to populate the real estate data for each location, share data, and create useful reports for decision-making. This is an extremely helpful software”

Jane Yi,

Financial Analyst in Emco
Integration with ERPs (SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, Oracle) and other systems via APIs
Nakisa Real Estate software centralizes all information about location, premise, and lease contracts in one structured place.

Intuitive Real Estate Workflow

NRE uses an easy-to-navigate hierarchy that follows the idea of locations (buildings), premises (stores or offices), and leases (contract agreements). Add specific details for buildings, stores, and contracts to have a clear portfolio overview with the possibility to drill down anytime!

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“We require NRE for reports for our locations with respect to premise details, contacts, rent roll, and all lease-related matters for the location. It is a quick reference for our internal and external meetings.”

Liann Gayle

Real Estate & Leasing Specialist at Second Cup

Configurable Ad-Hoc Dashboards & Reports

Nakisa’s numerous out-of-the-box dashboards and reports are easy to navigate and configure. Slice and dice data, choose parameters you want to monitor, and set granular permissions for your team. Enjoy real-time data analytics with no manual intervention for synching and validating data accuracy. You can finally build winning KPIs across the teams based on complete real estate data.


“NRE allows us to create custom-made reports to be used with our financial statements. These reports are also good tools to communicate information to various divisions to help them with the budgeting”

Eric Cabana

Senior Real Estate Advisor at TC Transcontinental
Nakisa Real Estate provides critical dates reminders and notifications for commercial real estate teams, based on contracts and clauses.

Action Center and Notifications

Our action center enables constant tracking of coming-to-term dates through notifications and email reminders. These can be as specific as per each lease, clause, or condition.
Stay on top of your activities, pending activations and deadlines. Save your time and avoid paying for delays!


“Very easy to check the current status. The reporting system is easy to use and NRE has excellent customer service. ”

Yan Wang,

Internal Auditor at Noble

Let's have a no-obligation call

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, share with you the best CRE practices and show how Nakisa helps handle the end-to-end business process.

Operations and Accounting Can Finally Team Up

Lease administrators, lease accountants, real estate professionals and property managers collaborate in Nakisa Real Estate software

All lease-related data can be gathered in Nakisa to ensure collaboration between departments.

Property managers enter information about a lease: square footage, photos, terms and conditions of maintenance, as well as property type. They have all automated calculations and reports for day-to-day operations.

Meanwhile, lease administrators and accountants approve the lease within the budget and get accurate real estate data automatically under the right ledger. They ensure timely audit and compliance without wasting time chasing property managers or reconciling real estate data from different sources.

Nakisa Software Allows You to:

With Nakisa Real Estate software (NRE) stay GASB 87, ASC 842, AASB 16, IFRS 16 compliant while managing real estate portfolio leases.

See how NRE assists enterprises in optimizing their real estate portfolio

Embrace the Future with Nakisa Cloud-Native Platform

Nakisa delivers business-critical solutions by utilizing innovative technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, CI/CD frameworks, Elasticsearch, Keycloak and many other state-of-art tech stacks.

Nakisa Cloud Platform utilizes Kafka, Kubernetes, Elastic search, Keycloak, kibana, envoy, and other technologies

Built on microservices, Nakisa Cloud Platform offers:

Enjoy faster deployment, upgrades, and maintenance without disrupting your operations. Nakisa follows CI/CD best practices and enables faster time to market thanks to microservices. Benefit from two major releases a year and updates every six to eight weeks.

NRE is a stable, scalable, and sustainable software that adjusts to your business growth needs. Empowered by Kubernetes, Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system with an uptime availability of 99.5%.

With our innovative cloud-native platform, we can detect the issue and resolve it way faster. Once the issue is found, it will be fixed for the entire customer base without interruptions. Our Customer supports works 24/7/365.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

All Nakisa solutions are built on a secure platform with data encryption, role-based access control, and audit capabilities to ensure compliance requirements. We utilize a leading IAM solution Keycloak to provide our clients with advanced authentication & authorization features.

NRE is GDPR and ITGC compliant and adheres to SOC 1 & 2 compliance standards, ensuring cybersecurity and privacy for enterprises.
Easily and quickly migrate to Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) and seamlessly transfer your historical data, no data loss or data inaccuracy.

Fast Migration From Your Old Solution

No worries about your historical data! We analyze your previous system and perform data migration. We also check what historical data you didn’t utilize in your previous solution but can now use in NRE (a data-gap analysis).

Together with your team, we’ll audit and validate data migration.

NRE is an excellent software that allows us to be more efficient with all our rent payments and do better follow-ups on our deadlines, renewals, deposits, etc. It enables us to create custom-made reports to be used with our financial statements. The software is also very user-friendly. In short, it is essential for our real estate department. 

Eric Cabana, Senior Real Estate Advisor

Your Next Steps with Nakisa Real Estate Software


Get A Custom Demo

Tell us about your specific challenges and goals, and we'll share the best practices with you. Let's have a no-obligation call where you can discover Nakisa solutions and how they can benefit your business.


Probe Nakisa with Your Sample Data

Provide us with the samples of contracts you're using, and we'll show you how your data will turn to insights in NRE. Get the look and feel of Nakisa software before the transition.


Discuss Data Migration

Let's discuss technical aspects related to data integration, migration, and cyber security. We will take care of migration even from several data sources and work closely with your team to audit and validate the process.


Go live with NRE and optimize your portfolio

Implement Nakisa Real Estate and enjoy its intuitive interface and powerful features from day one. Easily right-size real estate portfolio, save costs, and meet our business objectives with Nakisa.

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