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Automate your Real Estate Portfolio Management

Manage your complex leased, sub-leased, and owned assets with ease and optimize your portfolio for maximum profitability with Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) software!

Nakisa Real Estate automation features for streamlined lease administration and better decision-making

Does any of these issues sound familiar?


Work disruptions and missed critical dates due to inefficient manual workflows

Wasted time on manual data entry and verification due to the lack of integrations

Incorrect rent calculations diverging from the contract

Generating reports takes hours and real estate portfolio performance is hard to analyze

Repetitive manual tasks when managing lease events one by one, instead of batches

Back and forth between real estate and accountant teams due to departmental silos

Tackle those challenges with automation! Here's how Nakisa Real Estate can help

Improve your team's efficiency with our automated workflows for lease events, approvals, and notifications

Leverage workflows that reflect your real estate management operations from lease start to end. With NRE, you can configure a system of approvals and let the software notify people about their next steps or upcoming critical dates. Benefit from in-app notifications and email reminders that can be specific by lease, clause, or condition!
Benefit from automated workflows and notifications in NRE software

Through automated calculations, always align payments and receivables with the contractual agreement

Nakisa Real Estate supports complex asset scenarios and automatically calculates multi-factor payments, based on contract terms and conditions.
Automated percentage or sales-based rent
NRE enables your team to manage multiple percentage rent scenarios with complex calculations. Once you enter lease terms and conditions and integrate financial data from the point-of-sale systems, the software can accurately calculate your rent per period. You can even specify sale categories that need to be included or excluded from the calculations.
Reconciliation: CAM, taxes, and insurance
At year-end, automatically reconcile the accrual of expenses and the total costs of what should have been paid. NRE uses data pegged from the lease conditions (for example, pro-rata share and caps) and reconciles it with the invoices from your landlord. Our system flags any discrepancies and calculates the sum to be paid to or reimbursed by the landlord.
Mass CPI indexation
Nakisa Real Estate software can calculate various indexed payments, sync across multiple CPIs hosted in the system, and apply the increases to the rent schedules automatically. Our software auto-calculates CPI indexation in batches, so you don’t need to do it manually.
Comprehensive Rent Schedules
The rent table provides you with an extensive overview of all scheduled payments, incentives, and rent changes during the lease lifecycle. There, you can see how payments are allocated among multiple vendors and how they change over time. You can also generate payments in batches and connect them to your Accounts Payable (AP) or Accounts Receivable (AR) modules.

See how much you can save with NRE

NRE clients save millions of dollars annually! Just enter your key metrics and see potential savings across various categories (manual efforts, human errors, ERP integration, compliance, reconciliation, and more).

Save your team's time with mass operations and batch payments

Select or filter the leases you want to work with and perform mass operations like mass creation, termination, renewal, CPI indexation, contract uploads, and revision. You can also create batch jobs for journal entry postings and payments.
Mass operations and batch jobs in Nakisa Real Estate automation software
Integration with ERPs (SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, Oracle) and other systems via APIs

Seamlessly communicate with your ERP and third-party solutions

Reduce manual dual entry with our native bidirectional ERP integrations (SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, and Oracle) and numerous APIs (point-of-sale systems and other software solutions). With Nakisa, you can automatically centralize, validate, modify, and write back data, ensuring you work only with up-to-date information.

“Its diverse features have made it much easier to populate the real estate data for each location, share data, and create useful reports for decision-making. This is an extremely helpful software”

Jane Yi,

Financial Analyst in Emco

Get quick insights on your real estate portfolio performance

Use our various out-of-the-box reports to easily visualize your portfolios and drill down to critical information. NRE also allows end users and admins to generate configurable reports in a few clicks without IT involvement. Use your time to analyze data instead of gathering it!

“NRE allows us to create custom-made reports to be used with our financial statements. These reports are also good tools to communicate information to various divisions to help them with the budgeting”

Eric Cabana

Senior Real Estate Advisor at TC Transcontinental

Benefit from real estate reporting
automation. Easily get reports on:

Benefit from real estate reporting
automation. Easily get reports on:

Break departmental silos between administration and accounting

With Nakisa, you can centralize all lease-related data for efficient collaboration between real estate professionals, lease administrators, and lease accountants. Utilize terms captured in a lease to generate accounting schedules and compliance reporting. Eliminate back and forth so both teams can achieve their goals faster.
Lease administrators, lease accountants, real estate professionals and property managers collaborate in Nakisa Real Estate software

NRE also automates compliance across multiple standards

Let's have a no-obligation call! During the call, our experts will show you how to automate with Nakisa Real Estate software and answer all your questions.

Market Leaders Love
Nakisa Real Estate Automation Software

Its diverse features and tools have made it much easier to populate the real estate data for each location, share data, process rent on a monthly basis and create useful reports for decision-making. This is an extremely helpful software.”

Jane Yi,

Financial Analyst at Emco

Nakisa Real Estate is an excellent software allowing us to be more efficient with all our rent payments, to do better follow-ups on our deadlines, renewals, deposits, etc.  The software is very user-friendly. In short, it is essential for our real estate department.”

Eric Cabana,

Senior Real Estate Advisor at TC Transcontinental

This is a great system for lease management for tenants. Very flexible and user friendly. And the Customer support is the best ever! This software is made 100% for tenants. Before Nakisa Real Estate, we had to use software that were made for landlords and adapt them to our needs.”

Johanne Matton,

Real Estate Administrator at Transat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is real estate automation software?

Real estate automation software refers to a set of tools and technologies designed to streamline and automate various processes within the real estate industry. These solutions aim to increase efficiency, reduce manual work, and enhance overall productivity for real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, property managers, and investors. Real estate automation software can cover a wide range of tasks and activities throughout the property lifecycle.

What is real estate lease management automation?

Real estate lease management automation usually refers to the software and technologies that streamline lease management in the real estate industry. It is specifically tailored to the needs of lease administrators, property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals who handle various aspects of lease administration for commercial, residential, or industrial properties. Lease management automation software for the real estate industry includes the following features: contract management, notifications of critical dates, automated rent payments, compliance with legal requirements, automated reporting, and so on.

What is the lease lifecycle automation?

Lease lifecycle automation refers to software and technologies that automate stages and processes involved in the life of a lease, from creation to expiration. The lease lifecycle typically includes stages such as lease creation, execution, ongoing administration, and eventual renewal or termination. Automation software in lease lifecycle management often covers aspects like document generation, lease payment, compliance monitoring, and reporting, providing a comprehensive solution to optimize the entire lease process. Lease lifecycle automation is not limited by real estate lease management and is beneficial for equipment, vehicles, and other lease types.

What features should real estate lease automation software have?

Essential features for real estate lease automation software include lease creation, contract management, rent table, tenant and property information management, alerts and notifications, compliance monitoring, reporting, workflow automation, and integration capabilities.

What is real estate reporting automation?

Real estate reporting automation usually refers to technology that automates the generation of reports, providing real-time insights into financials, property performance, and market trends. It aims to save time, enhance accuracy, and facilitate data-driven decision-making for real estate professionals.

Why automation is so important for commercial real estate?

Automation is crucial in commercial real estate for its ability to streamline complex processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance operational efficiency. It accelerates tasks such as lease management, financial reporting, and property maintenance, leading to significant time and cost savings. Check out our ROI calculator to see yourself how much money your company could save with the right real estate lease management software. Automation also improves data accuracy, ensuring more informed decision-making. In a competitive industry, it allows professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and better serve clients by providing real-time insights and quicker responses to market changes.

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