Ingentis org.manager
VS Nakisa HR Suite

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Nakisa HR Suite VS Ingentis org.manager comparison

Both Ingentis org.manager and Nakisa HR Suite assist companies in visualizing and streamlining the data from HR systems. Still, there are some differences between the two solutions you need to know about before choosing your software.

Integrations, Simulation, and Scalability Comparison Between Nakisa and Ingentis
Organizational Chart Visualization in Nakisa HR Suite

Let's Dive Deeper and Explore When Each Solution
Shines the Most


With Nakisa, Your Dataflow
Goes Both Ways

Although Ingentis org.manager can visualize data and show simulation scenarios, it can’t write changes back to the source data and only offers manual or semi-automated export. Meanwhile, Nakisa HR Suite has native bidirectional integration with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday. API and flat-file integration are there too.

Nakisa HR Suite VS Ingentis org.manager: Integration Capabilities
Organizational Design Capabilities in Ingentis org.manager and Nakisa HR Suite
Modeling and simulations

Advanced Simulation Features

Both solutions have standard features for modeling scenarios with drag-and-drop features and constant data updates from ERP. On top of it, Nakisa HR Suite provides companies with mass change capabilities, a two-pane view to compare the changes, conflict resolution, and the possibility to assign a part of a structure to different stakeholders.

Cloud-Nativity & Scalability

No More Limits of
On-Premise Software

Ingentis org.manager is an on-prem solution that poses a lot of limitations. Nakisa HR Suite is built on a cloud-native architecture with microservices and state-of-art technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, and CI/CD framework. That’s why Nakisa offers:
Nakisa HR Suite Technologies Empowered by our Cloud Native Platform

More Scalability

Each of the separate microservice can be easily scaled up to perfectly fit your company's growth needs here and now.

Innovations & Updates

Enjoy the speed of innovations: two major releases per year and regular updates every 8 weeks. No downtime during the update.

No Data Loss

With regular backups, your data will never be lost. Our system is failure-tolerant and protects all your data.

Reports and Analytics Comparison of Ingentis org.manager and Nakisa HR Suite
Analytics & Reporting

Out-Of-the-Box Reports

While Ingentis org.manager offers basic out-of-the-box analyses and reports and requires customization for more specific cases, Nakisa HR Suite provides you with a variety of advanced reports that you can use right away or configure to your needs. You don’t need to ask your IT team or our support to set up specific reports for you! Here are just some of them:


Data Access and Cybersecurity

Ingentis org.manager only provides companies with single sign-on, while Nakisa HR Suite takes security and privacy way more seriously. Besides SSO, we have SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II reports, Audit Logging, and IT General Controls. Market leaders all around the globe entrust their data to us.
Data Access and Cybersecurity in Ingentis org.manager and Nakisa HR Suite
Organizational Chart Visualization in Ingentis org.manager and Nakisa HR Suite
Org Chart Visualization

Organizational Chart
Capacities Are Good in Both

If your company wants to visualize a complex org model and automatically create various accurate org charts based on the ERP data—both solutions will do the job.

Just to be 100% precise, we need to say that Nakisa has some more specific features like displaying employees on temporary assignments and structure-based search of target objects.

Last But Not Least

Get an Enterprise-Ready Solution with Nakisa

Nakisa HR Suite is An Enterprise-Ready Solution

Built with the system on independent microservices, Nakisa HR Suite ensures that the whole system’s uptime is 99,5%. Even if in a rare case there is a problem with one of the microservices, it doesn’t affect others nor bring down the whole system. Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system which is a crucial characteristic for enterprises.

Each Nakisa client has a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7 support team to answer all the questions. We always provide our users with training materials and guides. Also, we have training sessions and webinars to showcase best practices and discover the pain points of our clients.

Nakisa HR Suite has an intuitive interface and great configuration capabilities. It is easy to use for both professionals and not tech-savvy employees. Each user has their own role with permissions and limitations and can easily work with our software. We are also offering numerous out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that can be configured to the company’s needs.

Global Leaders Love Nakisa. Here is
What They Are Saying:

Even as we go through a rapid growth period, Hanelly was able to fully integrate to our ERP system in real-time and handle our ongoing transformation needs in it’s stride. An unexpected benefit as we started using Hanelly, was the ability to identify data quality issues in our ERP, something we had no visibility of previously.

Arief Setiawan
HR Division Head
After spending time investigating multiple solution options and discovering none met our needs without customization, a colleague suggested we look at Nakisa. Nakisa Hanelly gives us the advanced organizational charts we need, fully integrated to and complimentary of our HCM solution, and with great visualization out of the box. In short, exactly what we needed.
Jeffrey Boyd

GM-Global Talent Management

Our rapid growth required a solution to accelerate our transformation processes. Nakisa gives us an accurate understanding of our current organization and the capacity to properly align workforce with strategy.

Elouise Brown

Sr. Director, HR Systems and Technology

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Disclaimer: All the information about Ingentis org.manager was taken from public sources available such as the website, YouTube page, screenshots, and reviews of real users on software review websites. Feel free to let us know if we missed any information—we are happy to update it!

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