Nakisa OrgDesign

Org design software that empowers HR and managers to plan a thriving workforce

Nakisa OrgDesign streamlines organization-wide workforce planning by giving you the power to design future organizations and make simple, timely changes to your team structures.

Design your best workforce from the top-down and bottom-up with Nakisa's organizational design software

Nakisa OrgDesign is the ultimate organizational design tool, with two tiers: Strategic OrgDesign, which helps plan and structure your workforce to realize your strategic vision, and Operational OrgDesign, which empowers all managers to build high-performing teams.
Band-aid structure fixes are not a long-term strategy. Align structure, people, and processes from everywhere in your organization. Measure the impact of changes and understand their overall effects.
Equip your managers with the capabilities to manage team structure, foster collaboration, simulate reorganization, and streamline org change approval and execution.
Organizational design isn’t one-and-done. Monitor performance, find and fix inefficiencies to strengthen your designs and workforce plans, and ensure organizational health metrics are maintained. A continuous process will make your organization nimble and change-ready.
Get a two-way collaborative relationship with Finance so that organizational design and financial planning jointly meet business objectives. Improve HR KPIs and achieve goals on span of control, layers, and headcount in response to your current financial conditions.

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Strategic organizational design software optimizes workforce planning

Strategic OrgDesign gives you all the tools you need to plan your workforce. Determine your organization’s goals and objectives. Understand your current workforce. Analyze the talent gaps and strengths. Explore and compare infinite scenarios with real-time impact analysis. Plan your optimal future workforce. Implement. Monitor. Iterate. Succeed.
Org design scenarios
Create scenarios to model your organizational changes aligned with business rules to respect financial targets, respond to HR KPIs, and attain business goals. Ensure changes follow guidelines and are measurable through organizational health indicators.

Operational organizational design software lets managers build their best teams

With Operational OrgDesign, organization design becomes a collaborative effort. The solution helps managers regain control of organizational structure and change management at their level. All managers are empowered to request timely and effective changes in their team structure, achieving departmental targets more efficiently.

What makes the Nakisa HR Suite great?

Uniquely designed for HR

Purpose-built for HR and organizational design based on real-world needs. We listened to our current customers’ stories about their challenges and created an intuitive user experience and application interface to help them do their best work.

Scenario writeback

Write back new scenarios to your core ERP, HCM, and HRIS in a few clicks thanks to native integrations with SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday, and others. Our integrations provide you with faster implementation and time to value, easy collaboration with stakeholders, and elimination of human error.


“Nakisa HR solution handles it perfectly, it’s beautiful to see, it’s also very informative because we can have a lot of information from dashboard and from the information displayed to us such as span of contract, number of headcount, vacant position, etc. which is information that is required by the management during the analysis and creation of new organization.
I would recommend any company that has a lot of mergers, or org changes to implement Nakisa.”

Arief Setiawan​

Deputy VP HR Operation



“Our rapid growth required a solution to accelerate our transformation processes. Nakisa’s HR solution gives us an accurate understanding of our current organization and the capacity to properly align workforce with strategy. “

Elouise Brown​

Sr. Director, HR Systems and Technology

Comcast Cable

Nakisa OrgDesign is part of the Nakisa HR Suite of software and is designed to help you build responsive organizations. Discover more unique capabilities that untangle the complexities of organizational change.

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