Nakisa Real Estate Software (NRE)

Commercial real estate management software for global enterprises

Our solution is tailored for tenants managing large, complex real estate portfolios (leased, sub-leased, and owned). It automates your real estate management, generating significant savings through time efficiency, error elimination, and optimized reconciliations.

Real estate, lease administration, and development teams use Nakisa

All-in-one commercial real estate solution for global, lease-dependent enterprises

Lease management

Manage your complex real estate portfolios (leased, sub-leased, owned). Track and report on all lease activities and agreements. From inception to termination.

Lease accounting

Centralize accounting operations. Use contract and asset-level accounting with support for lease reassessments, modifications, and disclosure reporting.

Site selection

Comprehensive site selection and project management functionalities for site expansion, renewal, budgeting, forecasting, along with onboarding signed leases and sites.

International use cases

Available in multiple languages and made for global use with currency translation, support for IFRS 16, local GAAP, and ASC 842, and irregular calendar reporting.

Flexible deployment

Use cloud technology and rapid deployment to get you up and running with an integrated solution to automate postings to GL and any financial modules.

Watch short demos of Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) Software

See how NRE can streamline your lease operations and portfolio management.

Short Overview

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In this video, we introduce you to the NRE’s main features. We quickly highlight the landing page, display the NRE structural objects (location, premise, and lease), and walk you through the different sections and fields related to each object. You also discover the dashboards and reports sections and learn how to customize yours.

User Interface

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This video walks you through the beginning of using the NRE interface. You first learn how to log in with your username and password, and then are introduced to the main features of the landing page, such as the main menu, the dashboard and reports, the search bar, and how to access the Action center or look for online help.

Dashboards and Reports

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In this video, we present the landing page with its pre-configured dashboards and reports. You learn how to create and configure your dashboards and reports and select and add custom fields. As showcased in this video, you have access to locations, premises, and leases dashboards and several different reports, including critical dates and clauses, payments, CAM reconciliation, percentage rent, CPI indexation, rent table, roll forward (rent roll), tax, and more. You can use various filters to customize your reports and dashboards.

Location Creation

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This video presents the location summary page, it’s content and filtering functionalities. We walk you through creating a new location, starting with the information in the identification tab. We also highlight additional information such as the location area history, partners, operating costs, and document upload.

Premise Creation

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This video shows how to create a premise once the location is active. We highlight general information required and other important tabs such as the areas tab, the sales tab, and more.

Lease Creation

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This video shows how to create a lease once the premise is active. We highlight the general information, the contract and terms, percentage rent, clauses and critical clauses, conditions and more tabs that allow you to define, create and activate a lease. We also demonstrate how this process links to our Nakisa Financial Structure (NFS).

Percentage Rent

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This video explains the entire percentage rent process that occurs in the retail industry. We also highlight our sales features, which allow you to input your sales in NRE software through one of the three following ways: ERP system, a template, or manually.

CAM Reconciliation

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This video demonstrates how to create a CAM (Common Area Maintenance) reconciliation in NRE. From operating costs to conditions, this video allows you to understand the step-by-step of our reconciliation tool while learning the different types of conditions and capabilities available.

Critical Clauses and Dates

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This video shows how to configure clauses and critical clauses in the NRE Admin panel. We also display how to add them within a lease and what information is required to be able to save a new clause into NRE system.

Reminder Creation

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This video walks you through the creation of a reminder in the NRE system once your premise and lease have been created.

Admin Panel

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This video presents the different sections available in the NRE Admin panel. It shows you how to configure the picklist management and our group management tool used for analysis and reporting purposes. It also showcases how to create a new Country/Province/State/City or how to add user-defined fields.

Batch Operations

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In this video, we introduce you to our batch management feature. With our batch tool, you can group payments and process them in our solution.

Interested to see more? Claim your free personalized product tour today!

Interested to see more? Claim your free trial today!

We got Nakisa into more markets faster than we had any other software program we’ve ever installed. Nakisa for us is the one we are using for real estate for all our markets. The benefit that we have seen is that it can do the accounting IFRS 16 and ASC 842, and have an SAP integration.

Shawn Husband,
Senior Director, Lease Center of Expertise at Walmart

Wondering how Nakisa Real Estate handles cyber security, data privacy, ease of use, or customer support? We got you covered.

NRE is GDPR and ITGC compliant and adheres to SOC 1 & 2 compliance standards, ensuring cybersecurity and privacy for enterprises.

Innovation and Upgradeability

Enjoy faster deployment, upgrades, and maintenance without disrupting your operations. Nakisa follows CI/CD best practices and enables faster time to market thanks to microservices. Benefit from two major releases a year and updates every six to eight weeks at no cost.

Fast Migration From Your Old Solution

No worries about your historical data! We analyze your previous system and perform data migration. We also check what historical data you didn’t utilize in your previous solution but can now use in NRE (a data-gap analysis). Together with your team, we’ll audit and validate data migration.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Nakisa is built on a secure platform with data encryption, role-based access control, and audit capabilities to ensure compliance requirements.

✓ SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II audit report

✓ FIPS 140-2 compliance

✓ GDPR-ready solution

✓ IT General Control with audit logs (ITGC)

✓ Single-Sign-On

✓ Role-based permissions


Built on independent microservices, Nakisa Real Estate's uptime is 99.5%. Even if in the rare case where a microservice experiences downtime, no other microservice is affected. Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system that ensures continuity for enterprise clients.

Onboarding and Customer Support

We offer guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy to use, and supported by experts with the experience with complex environments. 

Each Nakisa client has a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7/365 support team to answer all the questions. We always provide our users with training materials and guides. Also, we have training sessions and webinars to showcase best practices and discover the pain points of our clients.

Ease of Use

Nakisa Real Estate is designed for all users, regardless of their technical skill levels. It has an intuitive interface and reports and dashboards out-of-the-box which can be further configured to any use case. Each user has their own role with specific permissions so that everyone gets as many or as few functions as their job demands.

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See how Nakisa’s commercial real estate software can help optimize end-to-end real estate portfolio management for your global company.

See how Nakisa’s commercial real estate software can help optimize end-to-end real estate portfolio management for your global company.

See how Nakisa assists enterprises in optimizing their real estate lease management

About Nakisa

Nakisa is a cloud-native enterprise application provider that empowers Real Estate, Lease Accounting, and Human Resources teams. We are proud to serve more than 1,100 enterprise clients and 6.6 million users across 135 countries. Companies such as Walmart, Pfizer, Puma, Nestlé, ExxonMobil, Dollarama, and Airbus rely on us every day.

Since 1999, our solutions enable teams to achieve their core tasks more efficiently by providing insights, workflows, and automation, so they focus on more value-added activities. Nakisa delivers business-critical solutions by using microservices and technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, CI/CD framework, and many other state-of-art tech stacks. We are excited about using consumer-grade technologies for enterprises so they can benefit from unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and speed of innovation.


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