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The Simplest Way to Visualize, Analyze, and Design Your Financial Institution's Organization Structure!

Nakisa HR Suite securely manages the most complex org structures. Intuitively visualize your organization, use powerful, insightful analytics for optimal structural design, and align HR decisions with your business needs – all while staying compliant and safe.

Nakisa is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies including global financial institutions and banks

Why do financial institutions rely on Nakisa HR Suite?

Works right out of the box

Nakisa HR Suite is backed by 20+ years of org design and analytics refinements, tailored to meet the evolving talent and organization needs.

Secure and compliant

Keeps all your data safe and compliant across all major banking regulations and evolving compliance frameworks.

Future-proof cloud native technology

Easily scales to support your growth - handles millions of records seamlessly, including buy, build, or borrow talent decisions in the financial services industry.

Native bidirectional ERP integrations & APIs

Seamless data sharing with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF), Workday, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and any other tools used by financial institutions.

Easy data insights

240+ HR analytics and 120+ preset dashboards and reports designed for your dynamic workforce needs, including security, risk management, privacy, governance, virtual and AI service delivery.

Centralized organization data

Data, requests, and audit logs reside on a single platform for maximized data accuracy and integrity, and convenient, secure collaborations and approvals.

You will love Nakisa HR Suite if your business objectives include

Gain an accurate view of your organization’s structure.
Focus on strategic goals. Reorganize for success.

Explore Nakisa HR Suite Functionalities


Agile organizational design to future-proof your workforce

Design an agile workforce structure, with real-time insight-driven scenario modeling, aligned with your goals and HR KPIs.

Enable seamless integrations with your core systems

Native bidirectional integrations with SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF), Workday, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and more let you pool all your data. Easily write back org edits to your core ERP, HCM, and HRIS with just a few clicks to ensure everything is consistently up to date.

Explore unlimited what-if scenarios

Build infinite scenario iterations, visualize intuitive org modeling, and forecast the impact of each model on your KPIs. Hire as needed, and put sensible succession plans in place.

Streamline compensation allocation

Easily allocate compensation budget per department, position, or even employee. Set KPIs to monitor your expenditure during your organizational design activities.

Design your future organizations

Create org charts for upcoming changes (mergers and acquisitions, reduction in force, succession planning, and more), develop different org what-if scenarios, and collaborate with leaders in real time to build your future teams.

Save time with bulk changes and automation

Eliminate manual data entry and edits - easily normalize, edit, move, and compare your records on masse. Create models quickly, make changes even more quickly. Critical functions such as data syncs, data error detections, reporting, collaboration workflows, and one-click writebacks are supported and sped up with automation.

Conduct real-time impact analysis

Assess talent gaps, flag inefficiencies, and track KPIs with real-time modelling and what-if scenarios to stay on top of your objectives during organizational design scenarios and workforce planning.

"We have decided to team-up with Nakisa to facilitate the transformation of Coty. The highly visual and user-friendly interface will facilitate the work of HR and management allowing them to focus on designing the best organization for the future."

Philippe Manzanares

VP HRIS, Payroll, Reporting & Global HR Policies at Coty

A single interactive organizational chart to see everything you need to manage your HR

Create intuitive org charts automatically fed by ERP and HCM data – no need for Excel, Visio, or PowerPoint anymore.
Visualize complex reporting structures, add metrics, apply filters, and customize data views as needed, save your customized views

Take advantage of powerful summary Org chart

Nakisa is the only org chart solution on the market whose summary charts condense and display massive data in digestible ways. It's as configurable as everything else in org chart, allowing you to see as much or as little detail as you need to make tactical and strategic HR staffing decisions.

Demystify the details of your complex organization

Use prebuilt charts to visualize organizational details, including lines of business, demographics, geography, tenure, team structures, functions, reporting relationships, span of control, vacancies, salaries, and more. Segregate data by multiple criteria, apply smart filters, and view complex reporting structures including matrix org charts and dotted-lines.

View HR metrics in Org chart

Visualize key HR KPIs right in your org chart to cut down time spent jumping across files and screens. Proactively achieve optimal span of control, layers, and headcounts. Gain insight into how your organization's staffing has improved (or not) over time.

Visualize your past and future organizations

Nakisa is among the only org chart solutions that allow you to pull org charts from previous years. See what you need to see, including changing titles, responsibilities, team structures, chains of command, and more. Easily compare years of change in your current organization structure.

Once you have designed your future organization to align with upcoming changes (mergers and acquisitions, reduction in force, succession planning, and more), with a few clicks, create organizational charts and visualize them.

Easily share and export your org charts

Share your organization charts with ease. Give interactive links to your team so that they can explore org changes on their own time. Export your organizational charts in PDF, PowerPoint, or PNG for flexibility. Keep everyone in your company informed of the current structure and metrics as well as future plans.
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"Nakisa gives us the advanced organizational charts we need, fully integrated to and complimentary of our HCM solution, and with great visualization out of the box."

Jeffrey Boyd

GM-Global Talent Management at Delta

Real-time HR insights for informed decision-making

Eliminate the time-consuming complexities of reporting and analyzing HR data.

With Nakisa HR Suite’s descriptive and predictive analytics, easily report on ESG, DEI, financial, recruitment, termination, succession, trends.

Report everything right out-of-the-box

Easily report on mission-critical HR initiatives such as ESG, DEI, financials, and more, out-of-the-box. Have people analytics, recruitment, termination, succession management dashboards, trend charts, and more from Day 1.

Create your own ad-hoc dashboards

Create ad-hoc dashboards easily with no BI skills required. Slice and dice data, choose any parameters you want to monitor, and set granular permissions for your team.

Know the ins and outs of your organization

Discover hidden nuances and trends of your organizations’ state by visualizing past and current trends.

Achieve HR objectives

Ensure HR data quality and integrity. Take a proactive approach to improve HR KPIs and achieve objectives on the span of control, layers, and headcounts.

Find relationships between your HR and business data

Derive predictions using actionable insights and recommendations from AI-driven analytics. Shed light on missed opportunities across your HR, finance, and business systems.

Ensure data quality painlessly with dashboards

Identify areas with data quality issues and fix errors with ease using intuitive pre-configured or customized dashboard layouts.

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"With Nakisa HR suite, huge time savings were achieved through filtering, slicing, and dicing of data based on different dimensions such as, layers, business lines, regions, countries, functions, and products. Reports that took 2-6 hours to create in the past, were now being instantly generated in Nakisa HR Suite with just a few simple clicks!"

Michelle Seymore,

Head People & Culture Transactional Solutions at Standard Bank Group

See how Nakisa HR Suite can help you visualize, understand, and plan your Financial Institution organization’s next moves.

Wondering about cyber security, data privacy, ease of use, or customer support for Nakisa HR Suite? We have you covered.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Nakisa is built on a secure platform with data encryption, role-based access control, and audit capabilities to ensure compliance requirements.

Financial institutions and banking leaders worldwide entrust their HR data to us.

✓ SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II audit report

✓ FIPS 140-2 compliance

✓ GDPR-ready solution

✓ IT General Control with audit logs (ITGC)

✓ Single-Sign-On

✓ Role-based permissions

Ease of Use

Nakisa HR Suite is designed for all users, regardless of their technical skill levels. It has an intuitive interface and reports and dashboards out-of-the-box which can be further configured to any use case. Each user has their own role with specific permissions so that everyone gets as many or as few functions as their job demands.

Onboarding and Customer Support

We offer expert guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy to use, and supported by experts with the experience with complex environments. 

Each Nakisa client has a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7/365 support team to answer all the questions. We always provide our users with training materials and guides. Also, we have training sessions and webinars to showcase best practices and discover the pain points of our clients.


Built on independent microservices, Nakisa HR Suite's uptime is 99.5%. Even if in the rare case where a microservice experiences downtime, no other microservice is affected. Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system that ensures continuity for enterprise clients.

See how Nakisa assists enterprises in optimizing their organizational structure

Let's get introduced.

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, provide updates on the latest best HR practices, and show how Nakisa can make visualizing and designing your financial institution’s organizational structure a seamless experience.

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, provide updates on the latest best HR practices, and show how Nakisa can make visualizing and designing your financial institution’s organizational structure a seamless experience.

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