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Our clients have streamlined real estate lease management by 65%, saving millions annually through time efficiency, error elimination, and optimized reconciliations.

Real estate, lease administration, and development teams at leading companies use Nakisa

Does any of these issues sound familiar? Let’s tackle them together.

My current systems and processes result in:


Manual lease management

We continue to rely on Excel or manual processes for tracking, managing, and updating our lease data.


Critical dates and clauses management issues

We've missed some important dates and clauses, such as option to renew or terminate lease, due to the absence of timely automatic alerts.


AP/AR management challenges

We face complexity in AP/AR management, for tasks like invoice management, payment processing, cost allocation among multiple vendors, payment reconciliation, and reporting.


Lack of real-time reporting and analytics

We continue to rely on Excel or manual processes for creating reports and dashboards, or we have to request external teams to generate them.


Complex % rent calculations

Our solution lacks full automation for % complex rent calculations, especially when dealing with irregular rent periods or requiring multiple calculation patterns based on different breakpoints for each sales period.


Overspend on CAM and other service charges

Our existing solution lacks full automation for year-end reconciliations, resulting in significant overspend for CAM, taxes and Insurance, or audit fees.


No automated bidirectional integration

Our real estate solution and ERP lack automatic integration. We rely on manual data entry or flat file transfers to manage data transfer between these systems.


Decentralized document management

We lack a centralized source of truth for our contracts and documents. Our processes for tracking, updates, modifications, and searches are still mostly manual.


IFRS 16 and ASC 842 compliance challenges

Our real estate financial data does not automatically transfer to our ERP or lease accounting solution, making it hard to achieve accuracy and compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842.


Site selection and management challenges

As we open new sites, we require a solution to enhance our site selection and management processes.


Vendor & 3rd party management challenges

We lack a centralized portal for communicating and sharing documents with our vendors and other third parties.


Multi-currency calculations

Current solution does not automate currency translation between our functional and local currencies.


Slow, costly deployment and upgrades

In our current solution, upgrades are infrequent, expensive, manual, disruptive, and require extensive considerations for customizations, as well as involvement from our partners.


No system configurability

We need to capture and track lease data with flexible fields and data points, such as irregular rent start and end dates, as our current solution lacks this level of configurability.

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Explore why global enterprises have made the switch to NRE

Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) provides all the capabilities required for managing all types of complex owned, leased, and sub-leased assets, along with workflow flexibility, in a user-friendly interface. It integrates ERP, real estate, and accounting and offers advanced analytics and reporting, to achieve better portfolio management while staying ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliant.

Streamlined lease management by 65%

NRE eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets and manual processes across your entire lease lifecycle portfolios.

Optimize full contract lifecycle management

Easily track contracts throughout their lifecycle, manage obligations, monitor compliance, handle renewals, amendments, and terminations, conduct audits, and generate reports, all in one centralized solution.

Leverage seamless integrations with your core systems

Use our native bidirectional ERP integrations (SAP ECC, SAP 4/Hana, and Oracle) and numerous APIs to centralize, validate, change, and write back data to ensure all data is consistently up to date and compliant. No manual data transfer or dual data entries needed, saving your team time and reducing errors.

Centralize real estate data management across lifecycles

Centralize all your real estate data, such as lease contracts, amendments, critical clauses and dates, documents, property management details, financials, invoices, payments, insurance, taxes, vendors, and more with easy navigation and retrieval, and possibility to add tags. Host all contacts, and have them linked to respective vendors, prospects, and partners.​ Track real estate assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to depreciation to disposal, ensuring accurate reporting and accounting.

Automate lease administration with mass operations and batch payments

NRE efficiently manages bulk operations like lease creation, termination, renewal, indexation, contract uploads, and revisions. Our scalable batch jobs for journal entries and payments handle tens of thousands of line items, saving time and reducing errors in diverse and complex real estate scenarios.

Don't miss critical dates and clauses with automatic alerts

Our action center facilitates constant tracking of upcoming dates with notifications and email reminders. These can be as specific as per each lease, clause, or condition. Stay on top of your activities, pending activations, and deadlines. Save time and avoid paying for delays!

Leverage insights from dynamic reporting and dashboards

Use built-in automated reports covering CAM, % rent, critical dates, rent table, CPI indexation, currency translation, financial obligation, occupancy rate, and more. Easily create ad-hoc reports, slice and dice data, and set granular permissions for your team. Make better decisions qucker. No BI skills required.


"This is a great system for lease management for tenants. Very flexible and user friendly. And the Customer support is the best ever! This software is made 100% for tenants. Before Nakisa Real Estate, we had to use software that were made for landlords and adapt them to our needs."

Johanne Matton,

Real Estate Administrator at Transat

Enhanced financial management, AP, AR

Optimize AP/AR management and financial insights by centralizing processes, automating calculations, and ensuring accuracy in financial data.

Manage multi-vendor payments with ease

Utilize our rent table to allocate costs among multiple vendors. Easily handle payment requirements and changes. Set up budgets for specific periods, manage budgets with ease and forecast future real estate needs based on occupancy rates and growth projections.

Automate complex rent calculations

Beyond standard lease administration, NRE integrates top and bottom-line financial data, including sales-based information for rent calculation. This enables the calculation of scenario-specific fixed and variable payments, with easy support for non-standard month start and end dates.

Calculate indexations, CAM, CPI, tax, currency, with a few clicks

Rely less on accountants and finance for calculations. Benefit from flexible and scalable CPI indexation seamlessly integrated with external sources, automating CPI increase calculations. Experience automated currency translation for multiple expenses within a lease contract, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

Streamline invoice management with vendor portal

Vendors/landlords can upload invoices, link each invoice line item with an expense category, reconcile expected and actual payments, and communicate with tenants throughout the workflow.

Handle security deposits, TI allowance, and lease incentives

Expertly handle security deposits, tenant improvement allowances, and lease incentives alongside your rent payments.


"NRE is an excellent software that allows us to be more efficient with all our rent payments and do better follow-ups on our deadlines, renewals, deposits, etc. It enables us to create custom-made reports to be used with our financial statements."

Eric Cabana,

Senior Real Estate Advisor at TC Transactional

Real-time portfolio analytics and reporting

Visualize your entire real estate portfolio and drill down to critical information. Gain valuable insight to make informed strategic decisions.

Report everything right out-of-the-box

Leverage robust reporting capabilities with NRE, offering built-in automated reports covering CAM, percentage rent, critical dates, CPI indexation, currency translation, financial obligation, occupancy, rent table, roll forward (rent roll), tax, tenant receivables, cash flow, fiscal/calendar year, and more.

Create ad-hoc, permission-based dashboards with ease

Easily create ad-hoc dashboards with NRE—no BI skills required. Slice and dice data, select parameters for monitoring, and set granular permissions for your team. Filter by geographical area, time frame (with forecasting and advanced analytics abilities), cost center, and more. Identify and manage the most significant expense costs effortlessly. Get actionable insights visually—and download everything into Excel/PDF.

Utilize flexible area management reporting

NRE provides area measurement per location, premise, and lease, allowing the ability to split each premise by square footage and link financials, whether owned or leased. Easily generate reports on the performance of diverse retail areas, including selling space, greenhouse, tool rental, warehouse, office, food, kiosk, and open staging.

Leverage accurate accounting reports for reliable financial insights

Utilize accounting disclosure reports compliant with IFRS 16 and ASC 842, amalgamated per asset class. These reports include asset roll forward, maturity analysis, expense, cash flow, lease liability, weighted average lease term, and discount rate. Additionally, accounting analytical and transition reports are available, featuring a dynamic filtering system covering activity analysis/roll forward, transition/posting, local statutory, periodic posting status, GL account balance, contract expiration, and data integrity


"Its diverse features and tools have made it much easier to populate the real estate data for each location, share data, process rent on a monthly basis and create useful reports for decision-making. This is an extremely helpful software."

Jane Yi,

Financial Analyst at Emco

Streamline your day-to-day administration with Nakisa’s commercial real estate lease management software. Achieve enhanced portfolio management and maintain accounting compliance.

Optimize year-end reconciliation, percentage rent management, and site selection

Designed for increased efficiency and better decision-making

Automated year-end reconciliation (CAM, Insurance, Tax)

Save millions by optimizing your team’s time, eliminating errors, avoiding service overpayments and audit fees.

Optimized percentage rent management

Boost operational efficiency and financial accuracy, ensure calculations align with sales data.

Enhanced site selection and project management

Automate your real estate selection and site approval process. Save time and resources, make better decisions quickly, and optimize your portfolio.

See in action how Nakisa’s commercial real estate lease management software can streamline your lease administration and lifecycle portfolio management and maintain IFRS 16 and ASC 842 compliance.

Automatically ensure consistency and accounting compliance

Leverage native bidirectional ERP integrations

Connect isolated data sources, ERP systems, and various SaaS tools with our open platform and build one source of truth. Use our native bidirectional ERP integrations (SAP and Oracle) and numerous APIs to streamline, validate, and write back data. Ensure data integrity and tools interoperability with our technologies.

Comply with IFRS 16, ASC 842, local GAAP standards

Ensure compliance with IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP standards. Generate accounting disclosure reports compliant with IFRS 16, ASC 842, and local GAAP in parallel, amalgamated per asset class, including asset roll forward, maturity analysis, expense, cash flow, lease liability, weighted average lease term, and more.

Get innovation and scalability with Nakisa Cloud-Native Platform.

Automate approval workflows and segregations of duty

Create a straightforward system of approvals and workflows in your team. Ensure transparency into every input and change with comprehensive audit trail functionality and integrated approvals. Control the scope of access, grant role-based permissions, and design data gathering and approvals workflows across teams.

We got Nakisa into more markets faster than we had any other software program we’ve ever installed. Nakisa for us is the one we are using for real estate for all our markets. The benefit that we have seen is that it can do the accounting IFRS 16 and ASC 842, and have an SAP integration.

Shawn Husband,
Senior Director, Lease Center of Expertise at Walmart

See how Nakisa Real Estate software can help you streamline your real estate lease administration and optimize your real estate portfolios.

Wondering how Nakisa Real Estate handles cyber security, data privacy, ease of use, or customer support? We got you covered.

NRE is GDPR and ITGC compliant and adheres to SOC 1 & 2 compliance standards, ensuring cybersecurity and privacy for enterprises.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Nakisa is built on a secure platform with data encryption, role-based access control, and audit capabilities to ensure compliance requirements.

✓ SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II audit report

✓ FIPS 140-2 compliance

✓ GDPR-ready solution

✓ IT General Control with audit logs (ITGC)

✓ Single-Sign-On

✓ Role-based permissions

Onboarding and Customer Support

We offer guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy to use, and supported by experts with the experience with complex environments. 

Each Nakisa client has a dedicated Account Manager and a 24/7/365 support team to answer all the questions. We always provide our users with training materials and guides. Also, we have training sessions and webinars to showcase best practices and discover the pain points of our clients.


Built on independent microservices, Nakisa Real Estate's uptime is 99.5%. Even if in the rare case where a microservice experiences downtime, no other microservice is affected. Nakisa is a failure-tolerant and self-healing system that ensures continuity for enterprise clients.

Innovation and Upgradeability

Enjoy faster deployment, upgrades, and maintenance without disrupting your operations. Nakisa follows CI/CD best practices and enables faster time to market thanks to microservices. Benefit from two major releases a year and updates every six to eight weeks at no cost.

Ease of Use

Nakisa Real Estate is designed for all users, regardless of their technical skill levels. It has an intuitive interface and reports and dashboards out-of-the-box which can be further configured to any use case. Each user has their own role with specific permissions so that everyone gets as many or as few functions as their job demands.

Fast Migration From Your Old Solution

No worries about your historical data! We analyze your previous system and perform data migration. We also check what historical data you didn’t utilize in your previous solution but can now use in NRE (a data-gap analysis). Together with your team, we’ll audit and validate data migration.

Let's meet.

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, share with you the best CRE practices and show how Nakisa helps handle the end-to-end real estate portfolio management.

Our solution experts will answer all your questions, share the best CRE practices with you, and show how Nakisa helps handle end-to-end real estate portfolio management.

See how Nakisa assists enterprises in optimizing their real estate lease management

About Nakisa

Nakisa is a cloud-native enterprise application provider that empowers Real Estate, Lease Accounting, and Human Resources teams. We are proud to serve more than 1,100 enterprise clients and 6.6 million users across 135 countries. Companies such as Walmart, Pfizer, Puma, Nestlé, ExxonMobil, Dollarama, and Airbus rely on us every day.

Since 1999, our solutions enable teams to achieve their core tasks more efficiently by providing insights, workflows, and automation, so they focus on more value-added activities. Nakisa delivers business-critical solutions by using microservices and technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, CI/CD framework, and many other state-of-art tech stacks. We are excited about using consumer-grade technologies for enterprises so they can benefit from unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and speed of innovation.


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