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Build the optimal workforce with insight-driven scenario modeling

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Agile organizational design to future-proof your workforce

In a recent study, McKinsey found that only 23 percent of organizations get their reorg right—and over 80 percent of restructuring initiatives fail to deliver the desired value in the necessary amount of time. The organizational design module for Nakisa Hanelly allows leaders to design a workforce that is aligned with their business strategy by streamlining modeling operations and providing real-time data-driven insights so you can execute timely changes.

Built for large, complex

Enterprise visualization, collaboration and control capabilities to efficiently execute transformation 80 percent faster

Multilingual interface
The user application interface is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Intuitive org modeling
Designed to fit the way you work, insights and modeling functionalities are at the tip of your fingers.

Independent approach
Provides you with the HR intelligence to make change a routine, without relying on costly external parties to do it for you.

Org modeling goes beyond boxes and lines

Use the solution for much more than designing a structure. Keep your HR priorities at
the heart of your organizational design and workforce modeling activities at all times
and ensure that your organization is already ready for change.

Protect, secure and develop talent

Put the right people in the right roles to achieve your goals. Succession pool comparisons, in-chart performance metrics or gender equality analyses, and span of control calculator are some of the many tools of this module that help you build an org structure that’s optimal for your business and your people.


Streamline organizational design collaboration

Eliminate manual processes, workflow bottlenecks and version-control hassles that hold up innovation with Nakisa Hanelly’s collaborative tools and automated workflows. Made to optimize and streamline collaboration between HR, finance, IT and business executives, you can centralize all conversations, reviews, approvals, and work assignments to split the work with relevant stakeholders while working simultaneously on achieving your goals, with full security every step of the way.

Digitize HR for long-term agility

It is crucial for HR to get up to speed with technology that complements their role instead of relying on traditional org chart tools and spreadsheets. ​By eliminating time-consuming, manual processes, HR’s time is freed to focus on more strategic initiatives like helping driving growth through innovation and solving business problems that impede. Purposely built for HR for easy adoption, you will immediately be enabled to drive agility in your org modeling processes and in your organization.


Modernize your organizational design workflow

Designing your organization on a piece of paper or in spreadsheets is a thing of the past. When looking at org design and workforce modeling software, make sure you get the key capabilities you need to elevate your HR tech stack.

Intuitive what-if scenarios
Build unlimited scenario iterations to forecast the business impact of each model by immediately measuring the impact of changes on your KPIs.

Real-time impact analysis
In-chart workforce analytics and targets in your org chart and scenarios let you assess talent gaps, flag inefficiencies, and track KPIs to stay on top of your objectives while modeling.

Mass actions
Easily normalize, edit, move, and compare your records to prep for integration into your scenarios, and to make faster changes.

Seamless integrations
Integrations let you leverage your data from all your sources in your scenarios and reports. Easily write back org edits to your source systems when ready.

Automations facilitate execution throughout automated data sync, data error detections, reporting, collaboration workflows, and one-click writeback.

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