The Nakisa HR Suite

Enterprise workforce planning software that supports all that you do

Empowering enterprises to perform workforce planning in one comprehensive solution—from organizational design to org chart visualization to HR analytics and more.
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How does the Nakisa HR Suite help you with workforce planning?

The Nakisa HR Suite offers a comprehensive, simple end-to-end workforce planning experience. Its two key solutions are OrgDesign for org scenario modeling and organizational design, and OrgInsight for org chart visualization and advanced HR analytics.

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Nakisa OrgDesign: The organizational design software that empowers executives and managers at all levels to build high-performing teams

OrgDesign is the ultimate tool for implementing strategic AND operational organizational design. OrgDesign helps you plan and structure your organization to realize your vision. It empowers managers at all levels to build teams that truly work.

Nakisa OrgInsight: The org chart and HR analytics software that equips overworked HR professionals with clear charts and real-time insights

OrgInsight lets you deepen your understanding of your organization with extremely powerful summary org charts, workforce analytics, deep-dive visualization, and robust reporting capabilities. Slice and dice HR data to view your enterprise’s talent from all angles. Drill down, filter, and organize the information in responsive dashboards.
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Trusted by enterprise leaders

Nakisa is a cloud-based business operations platform that empowers global enterprises to adapt quickly to continuous change.

Find the right organizational design software for you

How to make sure you ask the right questions and select the best organizational design software for your enterprise? Read our buyers’ guide to learn more.

HR, finance, and executives
work better together

The Nakisa HR Suite bridges gaps among key stakeholders involved in your redesign journeys to help you lead organizational changes aligned with everyone’s goals.

The business team successfully builds a well-designed organization that scales and adapts quickly to change, while retaining talent and hiring more effectively

HR leaders can build responsive organizations and confidently contribute to long-term strategic business goals with the right insights

Finance teams have visibility into forecasted HR budgets through predictive reporting
and analytics


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