Streamline Real Estate management and ensure compliance with a centralized source of truth

Have your ERP, real estate management, and lease accounting automatically integrated.

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Why legacy solutions fail at data consolidation

Lack of Data Centralization

Legacy solutions lack centralized storage for real estate, accounting, operations, and finance data. Lease contracts, property management details, financials, rent payments, invoices, insurance, and tax information are stored separately, creating time-consuming data access. The absence of bidirectional integration between ERP, real estate, and lease accounting solutions results in manual data entry, reduced productivity, errors, and compliance challenges.

Lack of Automation

Legacy solutions cannot automate repetitive tasks (such as data entries) and complex multi-asset calculations (such as lease reconciliation, percentage rent, and currency calculations). Creating ad-hoc reports and dashboards demands advanced BI skills and time, which Real Estate teams often lack. Data entry, access, calculations, and appealing visualizations become challenging, resulting in inefficiencies, errors, and a lack of actionable insights.

The Solution:
Nakisa Real Estate Management Software (NRE)

NRE is a cloud-native solution designed for global retailers to streamline day-to-day operations and achieve better real estate portfolio management while staying ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliant. NRE automatically integrates with your ERP, lease accounting, lessor, and lessee and centralizes all lease-related data in a single source of truth.


Centralize all your real estate data in your Real Estate Management solution automatically

NRE offers centralized storage for all your real estate data, including lease contracts, amendments, critical clauses and dates, documents, financials, insurance, tax, and contacts.

No need to manually gather scattered data for analysis and reporting. Our pre-made reports and ad-hoc dashboards allow you to easily manage and share data.

This leads to better data management, boosts control over operations, eliminates risk of errors caused by manual dual entries, and enhances lease portfolio visibility.

Seamlessly integrate Real Estate Management with your ERP

NRE supports a fully automated bidirectional integration with any ERP (SAP including ECC and S/4 HANA, Oracle, etc.). It pulls the ERP master data (including relevant accounting data points such as currency and borrowing rates) and posts output back into your ERP, database, or central finance tool, without any manual intervention and with a proper audit trail.

Besides ERP integrations, we offer API connectivity to synchronize data (for example sales data) according to your company’s needs.

By automatically providing a single source of truth, NRE increases your team productivity, enhances data management, and eliminates the risk of errors caused by manual dual entries.


Consolidate Property Management & lease accounting systems

NRE is fully compliant with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 (and upcoming standards) and can seamlessly embed your accounting policy.

By integrating a compliance tool and property management software, all accounting-related items (expenses, purchase orders, invoices, and more) are seamlessly transitioned. No need for manual payment data consolidation and validation, saving time, reducing risk of errors, and minimizing audit time.

Managing all lease activities in a single platform brings together real estate portfolios, accounting, and operations and ensures better collaboration between teams.

Visualize entire portfolio & drill-down to critical information with a few clicks

NRE automatically integrates ERP, property property management, lease accounting, lessor, and lessee for a holistic view of your portfolio.

This holistic view enables quick identification of individual property performance, areas of growth, and comparison of different properties and provides a centralized collaboration platform.

NRE enables efficient filtering and sorting of vast data for key insights on property condition, landlord info, leases, and financials.

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“In my opinion, it is a very good software. They have the potential and skills to keep improving and are very open to their client’s feedback. It’s very easy-to-use software and very affordable for what you get. It has everything you need to get the job done. Their customer service is also amazing. We have had issues or minor bugs and the return time is impeccable. They have many good reporting tools, that with proper training, can become very useful to an organization. We wish them continued success.”

Silvana Cafazzo

Director, Lease Administration


Leaders working with Nakisa 

NRE provides global retailers with a single, end-to-end Real Estate Management solution to manage all your owned, leased, sub-leased assets throughout their entire lifecycle by offering:

Ready to move off spreadsheets or an outdated legacy real estate database?

Fully leverage your centralized leasing source of truth with advanced analytics & reporting

NRE automates repetitive complex tasks and calculations and provides you with all analytics, reporting, and dashboard capabilities that a global retailer needs, and much more.

Create personalized, permission-based reports & dashboards

NRE offers a scalable and flexible dashboarding and reporting system that provides actionable insights by allowing ad-hoc reporting in a visual format.

Dashboard filters can be applied to attributes like geographical area, time frame, cost center for real-time adjustments, forecasting, and advanced analytics.

Multiple visualization datasets, charts, and graphs can be generated and downloaded into reports. You can customize dashboards and reports and share with users with the same access.

The reports offer a concise overview of portfolio performance and highlight key metrics, such as lease cost, occupancy cost, critical dates and closes, sales income, and ROI.


With a few clicks, you can generate all real estate reports that you need, such as:

Various automated reports & dashboards available, no technical BI skills required

With NRE, take control of your real estate data and gain valuable insights on your own terms, with no technical expertise required. Use our pre-made templates or build your custom dashboards with drag-and-drop.

Track exactly what you need in real time, with no need for third party tools or BI expertise. Collaborate with the accounting team and use a single source of truth for all lease-related operations. 

Automate complex, multi-asset lease management tasks, percentage rent, reconciliation, currency translation, and more

NRE automates various functions, such as complex percentage rent calculations. With customizable formulas, category exclusions, multiple breakpoints, and audit thresholds, NRE simplifies managing these calculations and ensures you don’t lose money on audits and fees.

NRE also automates lease reconciliation, including tax, insurance, as well as CAM expenses with multiple sub-categories.

By using the vendor portal, vendors and landlords easily upload and link invoices to expense categories, improving communication and efficiency in the reconciliation process.

NRE fully supports multi-currency foreign exchange (FX) translation at inception (from contract currency to company currency, to group currency) in addition to remeasurement for any events.  


With a few clicks, you can generate all real estate reports that you need, such as:

Benefit from industry-specific logic & features

NRE was built by corporate real estate professionals. We structured it around three levels: location – premise – lease operation to make it intuitive and easy for real estate teams to work. It includes all functionalities that your real estate team needs, such as those mentioned above, plus:

Stay on top of critical dates

Our activity center integrates with your ERP and notifies you about all the important dates and actions you need to take beforehand. These can be as specific as per each lease clause or condition abstracted into the system (such as the option to renew or terminate, or any date or milestone that you need to track and get notified of).


Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks & processes

NRE handles mass operations, such as mass creation, terminations, renewals, indexation, mass contract uploads, mass revisions, as well as batch jobs such as journal entry postings, batch payments, to name a few.

NRE batch jobs are scalable to handle tens of thousands of line items, and powerful and flexible to handle any complex scenario required, as well as any potential changing market fluctuations that may affect your real estate business environment.

Want to know more about how a next generation Real Estate Management solution can take your real estate to the next level?

Thinking of moving to NRE but worried how painful the implementation might be?

Don’t worry. We are a trusted partner among Fortune 1000 companies.

Besides offering all the features required for managing complex owned and leased real estate assets, NRE provides privacy, security, scalability, and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Be assured with structured, easy, successful implementation & onboarding

We offer expert guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy, supported by experts with the experience with complex environments. NRE has an easy-to-use interface that empowers your team to become comfortable and productive in a matter of minutes.

Meet privacy & security compliance

Nakisa’s operations, policies, and procedures are audited regularly to ensure we meet and exceed all security standards expected of a SaaS provider. Nakisa has implemented numerous privacy and security practices to ensure that our cloud solutions are GDPR-ready. We also utilize a full audit trail both in the front and back end to support IT General Controls (ITGC) and SOX compliance. 

Migrate your real estate data easily & seamlessly

NRE integrates with any ERP system to keep your data in sync and provides templates, frameworks, self-service mass import with automatic validation and QA and testing support to ensure that the data is migrated without any errors and retains its quality and integrity.

Use a reliable & agile cloud-native application

NRE was built with microservices that provide agile updates, scalability, and integration. Our full SaaS solution has biannual major releases, and frequent performance and bug fixes. Nakisa handles end-to-end platform upgrades at no extra cost, without disturbing nor impacting you, with 24/7 monitoring for performance and security. We proactively maintain 99.5% availability.

NRE centralizes real estate data, automates workflows, and fully supports the management of all your owned, leased, sub-leased assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

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