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Nakisa Hanelly

Achieving Data Integrity

Understanding, maintaining and using organizational data to enable critical decision-making is integral to driving success. Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your data should be a high priority.

For organizational data to be usable, it should be:

  1. Accurate and reliable
  2. In a clear, understandable format
  3. Easily accessible and secure

Confidence in the organization's data is critical to the use of this data and can be difficult to manage in a large organization. HR analytics and reporting that are based on incorrect data can have extreme repercussions for the business. However, maintaining consistency and reliability across all sources of information in the organization can be challenging.


Global Presence, Local Process

An organization with a global presence is often managed differently country to country. This will impact visibility of workforce data stored in different systems, formats and processes.

Multiple Incompatible Systems

The full spectrum of workforce data is often saved across multiple systems that perform different functions such as systems for payroll and human capital management (HCM). This can prevent a single source of all HR data.

Manual Error

The human element in any data management system will introduce inconsistencies as data is used and updated over time. When tools like Excel are the main system, the possibility for human error increases significantly.


A Unified Approach

Deployment of solutions that integrate across HCM and ERP platforms increase accessibility and consistency of global data. Use of cloud technology gives global access to all required information.

Data Integration

Seamlessly combine organizational data from multiple HR solutions to consolidate and clean across the organization. With a single source of data, gaps become immediately apparent and can be fixed.

Secure Access and Sharing

Use of a single source of truth eliminates solution-specific integrity issues. One source with levels of access, will both highlight and limit data inaccuracies.


“An unexpected benefit as we started using Hanelly, was the ability to identify data quality issues in our ERP, something we had no visibility of previously.”

- Arief Setiawan, HR Division Head, Sinar Mas.

Nakisa Hanelly will act as a single source of truth for all HR data systems, giving full visibility into the organization. With data integration and validation, previously unknown data integrity issues are quickly identified, and can be corrected. Hanelly creates a safe environment to view all information, restore data quality and solve this issue once and for all.

The importance of understanding and using HR data throughout the organization for decision-making will only continue to increase in importance. Nakisa Hanelly provides the validation, integration and data analysis required to ensure these decisions are based on the correct information.

You can start using your Nakisa Hanelly today from as little as $500 per month.

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