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Organizational design and workforce analytics platform for building the organization of tomorrow.

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Real-time, hassle-free organizational design
and workforce analytics platform

Nakisa Hanelly equips business leaders and HR teams with HR intelligence and actionable insights so you can align your organization to your business vision. Move quickly from strategy to execution 80 percent faster than with traditional tools!

Unique suite of tools for building HR capabilities

Leverage pre-configured HR analytics and reports, scenario modeling with impact analysis, collaboration and control tools, and HR data quality dashboards.

Analytics powered by AI and machine learning

Machine learning applied in HR allows you to understand the correlation between your HR data and simulate predictions of the impact of changes on your organization to build better strategies.

Tailored to all transformation use cases

Design and optimize organizational changes and measure the impact of strategic initiatives like DEI on your workforce and structure.

Cloud-based for simplicity and scalability

Built to support large enterprises and complex models through a secure, scalable SaaS model with integrations and support that reduces deployment and adoption time.

An end-to-end experience for your
HR transformation needs

Change is the only constant for the HR of tomorrow and you must be ready at all times. A Gartner’s 2020 study showed that the typical organization has undertaken five major firmwide changes in the past three years—and nearly 75 percent expect to multiply the types of major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years.

Supporting all your steps throughout your transformation journey

Whether the trigger is unexpected growth, a strategic change in the vision, disrupting new technology, a change in leadership, or the need to monitor ongoing change initiatives, you must have the right capabilities to tackle any type of change that will happen throughout your organization’s life. Beyond transformation events, it is crucial to know how your workforce changes are yielding the results expected and impacting your organization on the long run so you can optimize in a timely manner. Are you equipped to be a trusted advisor and an efficient change agent?


Fuel your org design process with agility

Our systematic approach to org design was built to ensure agility by design, meaning you can leverage our technology to stay nimble and pivot quickly to capitalize on opportunities. Break down the silos of communication and collaboration, sync your goldmine of data, and stop letting old, manual processes keep you in the past.

Trusted by Fortune 500 and industry leaders

Global enterprises trust Nakisa Hanelly to facilitate collaboration between business and HR stakeholders, and expedite workforce transformations projects. Beyond continuous transformation, they keep using Nakisa Hanelly to monitor organizational performance of their structures and stay on top of KPIs to continuously detect inefficiencies and improve performance to stay ahead of the curve.


Global community of users

Who can use Nakisa Hanelly? The only solution of its kind purposely developed for HR leaders of today to design the organization of tomorrow.

The best HR technology to design your workforce

Stop struggling with operations—make Nakisa Hanelly your single source of truth. Nakisa Hanelly modernizes modeling processes so you can design and implement your future workforce as fast as you need to change.

Cloud technology
Cloud-based turn-key solution, multilingual interface, 99.5 percent SLA and fast deployment

Seamless integration capabilities to all ERPs and HCM systems for data centralization with added native SuccessFactors connector

Enablement and Support
24/7 global support from three continents, easy onboarding, dedicated account manager and training platform

Control and security
User single sign-on, role-based and attribute-based access, audit logs, and change logs

Frequently asked questions on
Nakisa Hanelly


nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly is a cloud-native organizational design and workforce analytics solution that lets complex organizations model transformations such as a reduction in force, merger integrations, and any type of reorganization. It does this by leveraging more than 240 advanced analytics and more than 120 preconfigured reports on diversity and inclusion, talent, cost, performance, turnover, succession, span of controls and others, making sure you design an organization that will make the right impact.
nakisa hanelly
You can navigate the platform in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazilian).
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly offers seamless integration with your HCM/HRIS solution (eg. WorkDay, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors). With our APIs and native connectors, you benefit from the flexibility to leverage your data wherever it resides.
nakisa hanelly
Hanelly is a standalone, ERP-agnostic solution designed to leverage data from anywhere, including Workday, SAP ECC, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, Azure AD and others.
nakisa hanelly
Yes. You can export your data, org chart, analytics, and reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, and editable PowerPoint. You can also choose to share information securely with your stakeholders directly within Nakisa Hanelly.
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly’s predictive and prescriptive HR analytics approach includes high-level views, detailed drill-downs, dynamic data filtering, and trend tracking and predictions. This translates into more than 120 easy-to-understand tables, charts, and graphs available out-of-the-box that allow for immediate, agile analysis of organizational and HR data.
nakisa hanelly
Yes. Nakisa Hanelly allows you to easily create multiple organizational design scenarios and conduct impact analyses to visualize the future state of your organization without having to modify your core data until you’re ready.
nakisa hanelly
Yes. Internal alignment is one of the key challenges to address when you are planning a transformation. Nakisa Hanelly allows for the creation and assignment of multiple KPI’s or targets. These targets can be individually assigned to key collaborators or cascaded down your collaborators to better align your design team with the needs of the business.
nakisa hanelly
Yes. Nakisa Hanelly allows for secure, concurrent collaboration that boosts your agility and maintains data security by assigning work areas within your scenario. To facilitate communications, collaborators can use the in-app chat for each scenario to share ideas and review changes to streamline the process and ensure you are all working on the right version.
nakisa hanelly
Yes. Printing and exporting is available out of the box. Digital collaboration is also enhanced through “Share” capabilities, which allows you to email static and dynamic links of charts, reports, and scenarios to your colleagues or stakeholders. Unlike printed or exported data, this feature leverages Hanelly’s security configuration. This means that no matter what link is sent, a user will still only see what they are allowed to see.
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly allows HR teams to implement strategic workforce realignment 80 percent faster than with traditional org chart tools and spreadsheets. ​It helps you make effective decisions more rapidly and accurately saving you time and money, and will fuel your organizational design processes with agility so you can capitalize on opportunities much faster.
nakisa hanelly
End-user and administrator training is available to all our customers! Our material is designed to accelerate user adoption and get you independent on day-to-day operations. Nakisa University, your self-serve learning platform, provides a flexible approach to learning with a vast catalog of eLearning modules, pre-recorded sessions, job aids, and more!
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa provides 24/7/365 technical support on three levels delivered from solution engineers in three continents. As our customer, you will also have access to our support portal which gives you an easy way to reach out to us about anything.

Technology & Security

nakisa hanelly
None! Nakisa Hanelly is a cloud-native solution and supports commonly used browsers, which means there’s no required hardware or software beyond a browser and your data-source.
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly is a scalable solution and there’s no limit to the number of records that the solution supports. Our customers range from mid-size to enterprise, and they require full scalability to deal with their global business—some with well over one million records.
nakisa hanelly
Our data is hosted on the most secure global cloud service provider. We take great care to ensure that all of your data is not only secure, but visible only to the people with the right permissions. For Nakisa Hanelly users, viewing permissions are controlled by the administrator and user security level to restrict data visibility. Nakisa is also a SOC 2 compliant organization and GDPR ready, meaning our security status is verified and certified by global security standards.
nakisa hanelly
Nakisa Hanelly uses role-based, attribute-based and matrix security models for all types of complex enterprises which can leverage your ERP’s authentication protocols to ensure that your people can only see the data you need them to see.
For security and tracking purposes, Nakisa Hanelly has a variety of scenario reports that include changes report and audit log so you can know what has been changed since the last sync, by whom, when, and the nature of the change and other information.
organizational charts Engage the workforce

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