Nakisa Lease Administration for
AASB 16 Lease Accounting Compliance

A solution for Australian businesses designed to simplify compliance with AASB 16 by centralizing and automating lease accounting operations

An end-to-end accounting software for Australian enterprises

Nakisa Lease Administration is a comprehensive lease accounting, management, and reporting solution designed to support AASB 16 compliance at large enterprises. It allows global businesses who are required to file financial reports based on Australian Accounting Standards Board and international accounting standards to precisely track every detail of their lease arrangements. We can assist your organization, whether it is Australian-based or a foreign company operating in Australia.

How can we support your AASB 16 compliance initiatives?
Organizations all over the world use Nakisa Lease Administration to facilitate compliance with lease accounting regulations. Nakisa Lease Administration offers all features and functions required to meet the unique lease accounting needs of multinational corporations, including the ability to:

Lease Management

Facilitate lease lifecycle management from data consolidation to disclosure reporting for both real estate and equipment leases.

Lease Accounting

Contract and asset level accounting with support for lease reassessments, modifications and disclosure reporting.

International Use Cases

Available in multiple languages and made for global use with foreign currency translation, support for local GAAP and IFRS, and non-calendar fiscal year reporting.

Flexible Deployment

Leverage cloud technology and rapid deployment to get you up and running with a fully integrated solution to automate postings to your GL and other financial modules.

Accounting and compliance functionalities that you need available in an
intuitive easy-to-use interface

AASB 16 compliance shouldn't be difficult to meet

AASB 16 compliance shouldn’t be difficult to achieve. Early adopters of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) AASB 16 standard would agree that obtaining lease compliance might be difficult if not properly planned. Even for a well-established business, integrating leases into the general ledger requires more than just a simple commitment from the corporate finance teams, as leases have traditionally been excluded from the balance sheet. Nakisa can be a valuable partner in this scenario, as it offers a comprehensive solution that combined the best corporate accounting and technology know-how to help ensure your success.

An end-to-end lease accounting software designed for everyday use

Nakisa Lease Administration is not a reporting tool that you use just once a year to prepare your disclosure notes. It is a finance platform that helps you manage lease contracts from end to end on a recurrent basis. Record one-time fees, casualty events, unit replacements, or early terminations as they happen. Our solution also comes with both lessor accounting and property management components, and we are building more.

Grow with confidence: An AASB 16 lease accounting software designed for large portfolios of property and non-property asset

Nakisa Lease Administration offers advanced capabilities for both lessees and lessors to manage complex lease scenarios involving a large number of contracts and frequent monthly adjustments. Unlike outdated software, Nakisa Lease Administration is developed on a scalable infrastructure, providing greater growth potential and long-term scalability. Benefit from Nakisa’s 24/7 support, online training, center of excellence, and personalized account management to maximize your returns. By choosing Nakisa, you can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

Dual reporting of AASB 16 and IFRS 16 using a single tool with ease

As a global company, it is necessary to comply with both AASB 16 and IFRS 16, but there’s no need to have separate solutions. With Nakisa Lease Administration, you can manage all your leases under both standards simultaneously on one unified platform. Our solution accommodates each standard’s unique requirements and allows you to generate disclosure reports accordingly.

Rapid deployment to start reporting on leases sooner

We have created a rapid deployment methodology to assist you in getting started quickly. By utilizing cloud technology and standalone capabilities, Nakisa’s rapid deployment approach can have you up and running in a matter of weeks. Our aim is to support your compliance initiatives with the least amount of risk and in the most efficient and speedy manner possible. Contact us to learn how we can help. Read more

What does AASB 16 lease accounting with Nakisa mean?

Nakisa Lease Administration software provides an all-inclusive suite of lease management features that encompass the entire lifecycle of a lease, from the initial contract inception to the eventual termination. Our reporting functionality allows you to effortlessly create pre-configured disclosure reports that can be used to build your financial statements. Our finance platform is built to handle the accounting needs of both lessees and lessors, as well as real estate management.

Data abstraction and lease determination. initial recognition of ROU assets. Sub-sequent measurements-amortization. interst accural and payment. disclosure reporting

Increase your operational efficiency with automation technology

With Nakisa Lease Administration, our customers have significantly reduced operational costs and increased performance by automating tedious manual tasks and reducing risks associated with manual data entry.

Fast and easy setup

Importing spreadsheets with your finance data is made easy thanks to our automated Mass Import function.

Synced ledgers

Schedule postings to your ERP’s Account Payables with accruals, payments, and asset depreciation.

Batch operations

Master CPI change or remeasurements of multiple assets thanks to our mass modification function.

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