Streamline Your Real Estate Lease Administration with Automation

Reduce manual tasks by automating complex multi-asset lease management activities with Nakisa Real Estate software (NRE).

Nakisa Real Estate automation features for streamlined lease administration and better decision-making

Global retailers trust Nakisa

Stop losing time and money from manually doing complex tasks repeatedly across different solutions. Integrate your systems and automate your tasks.

Eliminate repetitive data entries

Seamlessly transition data between your ERP, real estate management, lease accounting, lessor, and lessee. No manual dual entry required.


Automate complex multi-asset calculations

Automate various functions, such as complex percentage rent calculations, lease reconciliation, multi-currency translation, etc.

Get real-time reporting and analytics

See changes in occupancy rates, lease terms, costs, critical dates, rent tables, and rent rolls, and more as they happen, enabling informed strategic decision-making.

Manage AR/AP

Automate AP/AR management with e-invoicing, automated payments, account reconciliations, cash application, data integration, and workflow automation.

Create budget and forecast

Assess future real estate needs based on occupancy rates, growth projection, and more to create realistic budgets and forecasts.

Ensure compliance

Automatically remain compliant with local, state, and federal real estate regulations.

Simplify lease administration

Automate lease management tasks such as rent payments, lease renewals, and lease expiration notifications.

Keep your properties maintained

Easily track responsibilities for repair, replacement, and payment. Automatically include them in year-end reconciliation, for financial reporting and compliance.

Why choose NRE for your real estate lease administration?

Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) provides all the capabilities required for managing all types of complex owned, leased, and sub-leased assets, along with workflow flexibility, in a user-friendly interface. It integrates ERP, real estate, and accounting and offers advanced analytics and reporting, to achieve better portfolio management while staying ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliant.

Centralize all your real estate data and processes

NRE automatically centralizes all your real estate data. Lease contracts, amendments, critical clauses and dates, financials, and more are stored in one place, and feed into pre-made reports and ad-hoc dashboards for easy consumption.

This single source of truth will dramatically improve your data management and analysis. You’ll get control over operations, reduce errors from manual data entry, and get enhanced visibility over assets in your lease portfolio.

Nakisa Real Estate Integrates with ERP Systems (SAP, Oracle, and more)

Integrate your real estate management, ERP, and lease accounting

With no manual intervention, NRE provides a single source of truth with a proper audit trail. It supports fully automated bidirectional integration with any ERP (SAP including ECC and S/4 HANA, Oracle, etc.), real estate, and lease accounting.

This level of centralization and automation reduces errors, enhances lease portfolio visibility, streamlines operations and payments, and simplifies monthly close.

Create personalized, permission-based reports and dashboards, no technical BI skills required

NRE offers a flexible drag-and-drop dashboarding and reporting system that allows ad-hoc reporting in a visual format. Attributes like geographical area, time frame, cost center can be applied as filters, for real-time adjustments, forecasting, and advanced analytics.

Track exactly what you need in real time. Collaborate with the accounting team and use a single source of truth for all lease-related operations. 

With a few clicks, generate all real estate reports that you need, such as:

Automate complex, multi-asset lease management tasks

NRE automates complex functions, such as percentage rent, CAM reconciliation, multi-currency foreign exchange (FX) translation, vendor payment, and more, to reduce human error, so you don’t lose money on audits and fees.

Customizable formulas, category exclusions, multiple breakpoints, and audit thresholds are tracked and acted upon, so you don’t lose money on audits and fees.

NRE’s vendor portal allows vendors and landlords to easily upload and link invoices to expense categories, improving the reconciliation process.

Convenient bulk actions take the tedium out of repetitive processes

NRE handles mass operations, such as mass creation, terminations, renewals, indexation, mass contract uploads, mass revisions, as well as batch jobs such as journal entry postings, batch payments, to name a few.

NRE batch jobs are scalable to handle tens of thousands of line items, and powerful and flexible to handle any complex scenario required, as well as any potential changing market fluctuations that may affect your real estate business environment.

Mass operations and batch jobs in Nakisa Real Estate automation software

Comply with lease accounting standards automatically

NRE is fully compliant with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 and embeds your accounting policy. All accounting-related items are seamlessly transitioned. No more manual payment data consolidation and validation!

Using NRE brings together real estate portfolios, accounting, and operations teams. Get cross-team collaboration, increase accuracy, ensure compliance, and minimize audit time.

Visualize entire portfolio & drill-down with a few clicks

NRE’s consolidated view enables quick identification of individual property performance, areas of growth, and comparison of different properties and provides a centralized collaboration platform.

NRE enables efficient filtering and sorting of large amount of data for key insights on property condition, landlord info, leases, and financials.

Stay on top of critical dates

Our activity center integrates with your ERP and notifies you about all the important dates and actions you need to take beforehand.

These can be as specific as per each lease clause or condition abstracted into the system (such as the option to renew or terminate).

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Market leaders love NRE

Its diverse features and tools have made it much easier to populate the real estate data for each location, share data, process rent on a monthly basis and create useful reports for decision-making. This is an extremely helpful software.

Jane Yi

Financial Analyst at Emco

Nakisa Real Estate is an excellent software allowing us to be more efficient with all our rent payments, to do better follow-ups on our deadlines, renewals, deposits, etc.  The software is very user-friendly. In short, it is essential for our real estate department.

Eric Cabana

Senior Real Estate Advisor at TC Transcontinental

This is a great system for lease management for tenants. Very flexible and user friendly. And the Customer support is the best ever! This software is made 100% for tenants. Before Nakisa Real Estate, we had to use software that were made for landlords and adapt them to our needs.

Johanne Matton

Real Estate Administrator at Transat

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“In my opinion, it is a very good software. They have the potential and skills to keep improving and are very open to their client’s feedback. It’s very easy-to-use software and very affordable for what you get. It has everything you need to get the job done. Their customer service is also amazing. We have had issues or minor bugs and the return time is impeccable. They have many good reporting tools, that with proper training, can become very useful to an organization. We wish them continued success.”

Silvana Cafazzo

Director, Lease Administration

NRE is a robust everyday real estate and compliance platform, for global retailers

NRE is a cloud-native solution that offers standard features for managing all types of complex owned and leased real estate assets, while providing workflow flexibility in an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

NRE was built by real estate professionals. We structured it around three levels: location – premise – lease operation to make it intuitive and easy to work. It includes all functionalities that you need, such as

✓ Payment and batch payments

✓ Vendor management

✓ Geo mapping

✓ Lease clauses and conditions

✓ Site management

✓ Vendor payment portal

✓ Rent table, rent roll, CPI indexation

✓ Percentage rent calculation

✓ Currency translation

We offer expert guidance for systems deployment with robust project governance and executive sponsors throughout the process. Our onboarding and implementation services are structured, easy, supported by experts with the experience with complex environments. 

NRE has an easy-to-use interface that empowers your team to become comfortable and productive in a matter of minutes. Our clients can always reach out to their account manager for a personalized follow-up on questions, technical support issues, or contract matters.

Nakisa’s operations, policies, and procedures are audited regularly to ensure we meet and exceed all security standards expected of a SaaS provider. Nakisa has implemented numerous privacy and security practices to ensure that our cloud solutions are GDPR-ready. We also utilize a full audit trail both in the front and back end to support IT General Controls (ITGC) and SOX compliance. 

NRE integrates with any ERP system to keep your data in sync and provides templates, frameworks, self-service mass import with automatic validation and QA and testing support to ensure that the data is migrated without any errors and retains its quality and integrity.

NRE was built with microservices that provide agile updates, scalability, and integration. Our full SaaS solution has biannual major releases, and frequent performance and bug fixes. Nakisa handles end-to-end platform upgrades at no extra cost, without disturbing nor impacting you, with 24/7 monitoring for performance and security. We proactively maintain 99.5% availability.

NRE provides global retailers with a single, end-to-end Real Estate Management solution to manage all your owned, leased, sub-leased assets throughout their entire lifecycle by offering:

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Since 1999, our solutions enable teams to achieve their core tasks more efficiently by providing insights, workflows, and automation, so they focus on more value-added activities. Nakisa delivers business-critical solutions by using microservices and technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, CI/CD framework, and many other state-of-art tech stacks. We are excited about using consumer-grade technologies for enterprises so they can benefit from unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and speed of innovation.


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