Real Estate Solution

Main Features

  1. Location/Premise/Lease operations management
  2. Flexible Payment & AP/AR management with rent roll
  3. Critical data management
  4. Percentage rent calculation & tracking
  5. Year-end reconciliation expense tool
  6. Reporting, dashboards & advanced analytics
  7. Seamless upgrade, full ITGC controls, GDPR compliant
  8. Role-based profile & integration with your SSO
  9. 24/7 support with an uptime SLA of 99.5%


  1. Corporate Real Estate Team
  2. Real Estate Portfolio Manager
  3. Property Manager & Administrator
  4. Leasing Manager & Administrator
  5. Corporate Controller Team
  6. Corporate Accounting Team

Why Nakisa Real Estate (NRE)?

Designed and built by and for corporate real estate professionals, Nakisa Real Estate (NRE) is an end-to-end management solution that gives real estate departments the ability to strategically respond to the changing market.

By centralizing real estate data and improving visibility into your portfolio, Nakisa Real Estate grants you control over your operations to provide you with in-time strategic insights, leading you to make informed decisions that impact your real estate business goals.

Ready for New Generation of Corporate
Real Estate Solution?

  • The implementation of digitized corporate real estate data, used for both real estate operations and lease accounting compliance, in achieving operational excellence through one source of truth.
  • A global real estate solution comprised of complete corporate real estate functionalities built for automation in your payment management and AP/AR with flexible reporting & dashboards.
  • Native cloud SaaS solution fitted with a new, state-of-the-art core architecture built with microservices for scalability and API connectivity.

“In my opinion, it is a very good software. They have the potential and skills to keep improving and are very open to their client’s feedback. It’s very easy-to-use software and very affordable for what you get. It has everything you need to get the job done. Their customer service is also amazing. We have had issues or minor bugs and the return time is impeccable. They have many good reporting tools, that with proper training, can become very useful to an organization. We wish them continued success.”

Silvana Cafazzo

Director, Lease Administration

Streamlined Management of Corporate
Real Estate Data

Our solution workflow hierarchy is maintained in a complete short & sweet manner, as follows:

  1. Location: The physical address
  2. Premise: The appropriate space in question within the location
  3. Lease: The contractual agreement linked to the premise (where applicable)

Nakisa Real Estate has a methodology embedded with an operational logic built within the solution for all space users, geared for optimization

  1. Anyone from the Corporate Real Estate team can use the solution and navigate it without any explanation because it is intuitive, and the natural way of how real estate people operate daily.
We can manage all your real estate scenarios thanks to our workflow hierarchy; examples of hierarchical types:
  1. Location Management
    1. Owner
    2. Tenant
  1. Premise (including head premise)
    1. Occupied
    2. Vacant
    3. Leased Internal
    4. Leased External
    5. Leased Internal – External
  1. Lease
    1. Head Lease
    2. Internal Lease
    3. External Lease

Features & Benefits of NRE:

The solution is fitted with standard features required by any Corporate Real Estate team, to be able to appropriately manage all types of complex corporate real estate owned and leased assets while offering needed workflow flexibility.

Some of the Main Features include:

Payment Management System:

Rent table and rent roll, easily generate payments, along with account reconciliations, respective to both cash inflows and outflows to your AP/AR. Also, handling of real estate business requirements and changes, including indexation, changes in scope/term, changes in vendor, reassessments of options, revision history, payment re-calculation changes, percentage-based rent fluctuation, payment reconciliation, and many more.

Critical Dates Management:

The solution includes notifications both by e-mail and action center built into the system and linked to each user and action required. These can be as specific as per each lease clause or condition abstracted into the system.

Reporting, Dashboards & Advanced Analytics:

Dynamic and flexible with actionable insights, to allow data to be reported on an ad-hoc basis and be presented in a visual format giving end-user the ability to slice and dice data by different attributes, effectively making analysis easier. Easily create CAM reports, Financial Obligation reports, Occupancy reports, Roll forward (rent roll) reports, TAX reports, tenant receivables reports, Cash flow reports, and fiscal/calendar year reports with mock financial statements and many more.

Vendor & Contact Management:

One source of truth for all contracts, and contract amendments without limits. You can tag a specific section of any contract, including critical lease clauses. NRE will host and manage all contacts, and have them linked to vendors, prospects, partners, and/or any other data needed for your CRE team.

Percentage Rent Management:

Easily calculate percentage rent on multiple sales categories (either entered manually or pulled directly from your ERP), with the capability of excluding certain sales categories if required.

Accounting Compliance (IFRS 16 and ASC 842) & Maintenance:

NRE is not only fully compliant with new lease accounting standards of ASC 842 and IFRS 16 but it can also seamlessly embed your accounting policy within itself. By having your compliance tool and corporate real estate software working in tandem with one platform and dataset expenses, POs, invoices, and everything A-Z from an accounting perspective auto-transitions compliantly for reporting, without the need for dual solution maintenance, materiality threshold up-keep and proper financial reporting.

Y/E (CAM) Invoice Reconciliation and Vendor Portal:

Don’t leave any money on the table! Vendors typically send invoices to the end of the year (or fiscal period-end) and a solution should not only be able to host this invoice but be able to reconcile it before payment. This comes with the possibility to review each expense pegged with the pro-share that each tenant would be liable for revision before payment.

CAM Management:

Easily link each individualized CAM cost with its own pro-share, CAP, payable split (tenant vs landlord), custom payable split, flexible dates, etc.

Batch Processing:

Supporting mass operations, including mass contract uploads, mass revisioning (such as terminations, renewals, indexation etc), batch payments, and bulk percentage rent calculation to name a few.

GEO Mapping, Security deposits:

Handling as well as TI Allowance and Insurance management.

Area Measurement:

Easily split each premise per square footage and link financials, whether owned or leased for each. 

CPI indexation:

Flexible and scalable with integration with multiple external sources.

Multiple and flexible integrations:

For not only sales uploads, but with receiving real estate (vendors, sales figures, GLs etc.) data, managing this data to derive required real estate output, and posting it into various data points/sets and ERPs, along with not being limited to one way in doing this, with our API technology allowing easy interfacing with multiple other systems.

And many more…

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Designed to keep you running

Made for enterprises

The only corporate real estate solution that can handle enterprise-level, high-volume data.

Proven implementation methodology

Nakisa has extensive experience working with Fortune 1000 companies. Our customer database includes the world's most renowned brands such as Nestle, Kia, Walmart and Linde.

Controlled release & change management

Nakisa manages the upgrades of the platform from end to end. Solutions upgrades are designed in such a way that they will neither disturb nor impact you.

24/7/365 technical support

Nakisa provides three levels of support delivered by solutions engineers on two continents.

24/7/365 monitoring

All Nakisa SaaS components are monitored for both performance and security, we also act proactively to ensure highest availability.

Dedicated account manager

Each customer can always reach out to their account manager for a personalized follow-up on technical support issues or contract matters.

Always on

Nakisa maintains an uptime availability of 99.5%


Nakisa interface includes 5 languages, English, French, Spanish, German & Portuguese.


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