Hanelly Insights Module

Mobilize and convert HR data into actions

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Bringing value out of workforce analytics is now everyone’s
capability with Hanelly Insights

Hanelly Insights is a powerful HR analytics module that enables business leaders with analytical skills to
give meaning to their HR data. It helps find answers to the most important HR questions by eliminating
the time-consuming complexities of reporting and analyzing massive enterprise HR data.

With preconfigured dashboards, reports, and out-of-the-box advanced workforce analytics, Hanelly
Insights complements and strengthens your org design and workforce modeling.

Trusted by Fortune 500

Providing our solution to
industry leaders enable us to
constantly innovate in the
field of HR tech and bring a
solution tailored to the needs
of the changing role of global
HR leaders.

Insights powered by AI and
machine learning

HR teams can benefit from AI:
Hanelly Insights capitalizes on
machine learning technology to
provide constant development
in HR software and progress
into areas like predictive
analysis and forecasting.

Built for HR users
Hanelly Insights has been
developed as an HR software
with a user-first approach so
you can intuitively navigate
the solution and harness the
power of our technology and
your data without any hassle.

Clean HR data leads to meaningful insights
that drive effective decision-making

Discover the pre-configured reports and dashboards that HR practitioners love.

Be a trusted and reliable source of HR information by maintaining high-quality data

More and more, HR data is used to assess the health of an organization and make decisions affecting the future of the business. But when overlooked data issues arise, they corrupt the effectiveness of your decision-making.

The Data Quality dashboard provides a centralized visual interface to immediately identify inconsistencies in data maintenance and enables organizations to address data integrity concerns via automations, error prioritization levels, and recommended actions to resolve inconsistencies. Improve quality in only a few clicks, and control error resolution and processing times.


Delivering DE&I business value through analytical capabilities is easier than you think

Ensuring your company’s workforce is made up of a diverse staff is more than an ethical or compliance concern. It’s become a key differentiator in talent attraction, a driver of innovation and a contributing factor to profitability.

Hanelly Insights DEI leverages the renowned French Equality Index to provide statistical HR analysis of key DEI categories with the ability to slice and dice your data so you can find potential problem areas and strategize solutions based on accurate, real time data and measure the ongoing impact of your strategies over time.

Identify the root cause of your turnover and other contributing factors for proactive problem resolution

Correlating turnover metrics with business, HR and DE&I metrics like span of controls, managerial levels, salaries, gender, or ethnicity enable you to have the full picture of your turnover trends so your can take corrective and proactive measures to reduce turnover and build stronger retention programs that protect top performers with high risk of loss and other workforce groups. Hanelly Insights Turnover Analysis Dashboards shine a light on turnover issues to help you make informed decisions that improve organizational policies, job designs, and corporate culture.


Nakisa Hanelly Insights brings out the hidden potential
of your HR data

Understand the story behind the charts and numbers whether you’re a business leader, an HR practitioner, or a data analyst.

Automatically track preconfigured and custom metrics in the reporting way you want to always have an accurate assessment of your HR organisational health.

Master filtering and advanced search capabilities to present data in exhaustive reports.

Hanelly Insights module supports org design modeling

Discover the Nakisa Hanelly Suite to learn how our modules work together to help you build an agile and insight-driven workforce and structures.

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