Nakisa Reinforces Its Commitment to Cloud Data Security through SOC 2 Certification

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MONTREAL, Canada – 06/04/2018 - Nakisa today announced that the company has achieved Service Organizational Control 2 (SOC 2) compliance status in accordance with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Trusted Service Principles. The newly achieved status certifies that Nakisa’s information, security policies, and procedures are in line with the unique parameters of today’s cloud requirements.

As a well-known enterprise technology provider Nakisa is continuing to develop forward-thinking, innovate solutions that advance business strategies. The SOC 2 certification signifies Nakisa’s ability to constantly mature its cloud technology, a feat not achieved by many vendors.

“The achievement of this SOC 2 certification reinforces Nakisa’s commitment to the protection of customer data,” said Ian Latulippe, VP HCM Program and Strategy, Nakisa. “As a company, we have always taken great care to ensure our customers’ data is safe. Working with the world’s largest organizations, it is imperative for them to feel confident that we take the necessary steps to ensure the highest standards of data security and compliance.”

The SOC 2 assessment was conducted by Ernst & Young (EY) and involved a rigorous audit of Nakisa’s information and security policies and procedures covering the Trusted Service Principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Nakisa’s SOC 2 report verifies the existence of internal procedures designed to meet the security requirements of Nakisa’s customers.

Current and potential customers are asked to contact Nakisa directly if more information about its SOC 2 certification is required. Visit our security and trust page to learn more.

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A global leader in enterprise business solutions for Organization Transformation and Accounting and Compliance, Nakisa delivers innovative, forward-thinking, and robust human resource and financial management solutions that advance your business strategies. Available on-premise and in the cloud.

Working with a global network of partners and as one of the few Solution Extension (SolEx) partners of SAP® since 2007, Nakisa serves 800+ enterprise customers and over 4 million subscribers in 24 industries. Nakisa is proud to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands.

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