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Freeport is LIVE with the Nakisa Lease Administration software 


We're excited to announce that Freeport has successfully adopted the Nakisa Lease Administration SaaS solution! This is a significant milestone in enhancing Freeport's lease management processes and proof of the strength of our partnership and our cloud-native software. Congratulations to both teams for their dedicated efforts in fostering this successful collaboration! 

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Discover the Nakisa Lease Administration Software 

Leading Fortune 1000 companies opt for Nakisa Lease Administration for their lease accounting and compliance needs. Why? That's because Nakisa Lease Administration provides access to an innovative, scalable framework tailored to efficiently manage extensive lease portfolios featuring diverse assets, complex terms and conditions, and ongoing activity. 

To learn more about Nakisa Lease Administration: /finance-suite/nakisa-lease-administration-software/  

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