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Introducing the all-new NLA “Office Hour” program!


During the past couple of weeks, we have been trying something new here at Nakisa and today we are excited to officially announce our all-new Nakisa NLA “Office Hour” program!

We have heard from many of our users how much they appreciate NLA enabling them to efficiently manage their global lease portfolio BUT they would also love to be able to expand their knowledge of the the solution. As we continue to bring more innovations to the solution, our users want to use them and leverage the benefits of those new functionalities within their global organization. Time for us to take advantage of our experts here at Nakisa and help you all explore NLA together more in-depth.

Our “Office Hour” program has been designed to simply educate you, our NLA users! We love it when you use our solutions across your organizations, and we would like to make you an expert in all the amazing functionalities and features that NLA can offer you and your team.

Whether you’re new to NLA or have already been using it for a few years, this program will expose you to lots of added information on main functionalities, how-to’s, and best practices, tips & tricks, but also show you how other NLA users are using their solution.

Recordings will also be made available after each session through our Nakisa Customer Success portal or by simply clicking here. And yes, you don’t need a username to view it – It’s available to everyone for free.

You can register for the whole series by clicking here and before any of the sessions, a dedicated invite will be sent to you with the agenda and topics of the discussions. Feel free to send your questions before the “Office Hour” day and our team of experts will be happy to address them during the session.


So, in summary:

Audience: General NLA users and administrators

Topics: Enablement on solutions features, business scenarios, tips & tricks, how-tos, workarounds, and general questions submitted before/during the gathering.

When: Monthly 1-hour sessions

Hosted by: Nakisa Solution Engineering team (AKA our NLA experts)

We hope to see you in great numbers at our monthly virtual gatherings!

Thank you!

Nakisa Team

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