Nakisa Hanelly release to deliver key insights to people analytics and diversity & inclusion

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Montreal – October 2, 2019 - Nakisa announced the latest release for Nakisa Hanelly today with new features and enhancements to the user experience including additional views, enhanced collaboration and expanded printing capabilities. The most prominent addition to the solution is a new suite of in-depth dashboards, giving insight into diversity and inclusion initiatives, with a deeper dive into people analytics including talent and span of control metrics.

This release includes a new suite of dashboards for Diversity and Inclusion, Succession Planning and People Analytics, and advancements to the custom security roles and views. Nakisa customers will gain extensive flexibility and visibility needed for effective organizational design.

As a global leader in enterprise business solutions, Nakisa Hanelly streamlines organizational design by integrating people, process, strategy and technology, and visualizing current and future organizational structures with dynamic analytics. Nakisa Hanelly deploys new advancements on a regular basis to continuously respond to customers’ needs and to deliver innovations to the market.

Organizations are now prioritizing a diverse and inclusive workforce seeing a wide range of benefits including reduced employee turnover, a broadened range of skills, and a direct positive impact to their bottom line. They also recognize that understanding people analytics is key to making effective decisions to achieve their bottom line. “We’re noticing a growing demand for meaningful insights into diversity & inclusion metrics, to the point where its considered a requirement for large companies today” said Sebastiaan Bos, Director of Product Management at Nakisa, “when our team developed the new suite of dashboards, we focused on our client experiences, importance of data and the impact it has on the business as a whole.”

With the latest release, Nakisa Hanelly is expanding on several features:

  1. New suite of dashboards for Diversity and Inclusion, Succession Planning and People Analytics
  2. Custom views and custom security roles: Administrators can create their own views in the AdminConsole, including customizations such as assigning colors to the nodes, and adding custom icons to the views.
  3. Custom security roles: Enhanced to enable administrators the ability to select any variable they maintain in the database as security models, helping them to determine what data employees can see.
  4. New User Feedback Module: Users have the ability to submit their feedback directly within the application.
  5. New org chart view with employees reporting to other employees: Developed to make it easier for employees to see who reports to whom.

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