Nakisa Hanelly Release to Introduce New API Framework

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MONTREAL, CANADA — June 11, 2020 — Nakisa, a global technology company specialized in organizational design and business transformation, announced today that they are introducing the latest release of their Org Design solution, Nakisa Hanelly.

The Nakisa Hanelly Summer 2020 Release includes additions to the core API integration layer, a new administrator console, and enhanced support for business transformations with improved analytics and added dashboards.

Nakisa has developed two major connectors as part of the new Hanelly-API framework: the SuccessFactors Connector and AzureAD Connector. These microservices prepare the solution for Nakisa’s next generation cloud platform and for Nakisa customers to migrate to this platform. The release also features a new Admin Console which streamlines and simplifies the solution’s deployment and configuration process for both Nakisa customers and implementation partners alike. It includes additional functionality, security, increased configuration options, and an intuitive interface for a smoother user experience.

“This release is an important milestone. We have worked closely with our partners and customers to advance the innovation of our org design solution to benefit our end users,” said Sebastiaan Bos, Head of Product Management, HCM, Nakisa. “We want to empower organizations by providing them with intuitive, easy-to-use access to the best suite of org design features, so they can gain visibility of their organization, collaborate in real time with critical stakeholders, and make informed decisions about their unique business needs by relying on accurate HR data.”

The Nakisa Hanelly dashboards continue to evolve with each release in order to provide a clearer process and better navigation. These latest enhancements allow customers to see the impacts of various key metrics around Span of Control, People Analytics, and Transfers by providing clarity and visibility of the scenarios they may be reviewing as part of a reorganization or RIF.

With this latest release, customers are now able to switch between dashboard views while maintaining their selected data filters, instantly granting them access to the information they need to fully analyze their org structure. This release also includes significant enhancements to the Audit Log, showing the details of all the major actions taken and by whom.

To learn more about Nakisa Hanelly’s latest update you can read about it on Nakisa’s blog or visit our website to learn about how Nakisa can help businesses with such organizational design initiatives as reorganizations, employee reduction-in-force, and mergers & acquisitions.

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