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Listening to Our Clients: From 2021 Insights to Actions in 2022 


March 2023, Montreal 

At Nakisa, our goal is to empower clients and bring business efficiency to their operations so they can focus on strategic activities. Nakisa is committed to being a trusted partner for our community and strives to provide great client experience by creating “Moments that Matter”.

We have been always asking our clients to provide us with their feedback on Nakisa solutions. Here is a Voice of Client study which gathers clients’ reflections about working with Nakisa in 2021 and the improvements Nakisa made during 2022.
For the annual 2021 VoC study, we asked our clients to fill in the survey and we received more than 120 responses. For the first time, we also conducted in-depth 1-1 interviews with stakeholders from different industries to gain even more insights, which can often get lost in rating surveys. These interviews enabled us to prioritize and take immediate action. During the interview process, we heard from more than 30 clients who rely on us as their critical software provider.

Overall, we gathered feedback from 150 clients from various industries

Nakisa Lease Administration 2021.R2: Carryover Impairment Reserve Balances and Additional Business Process Automations

We want to thank everyone who contributed during the 2021 VoC Survey and the interview process. Your feedback drives Nakisa’s transformations and helps us become better.

To see the full report, you need to be our client. There, you’ll find our NPS in 2021, areas for improvement, and how exactly we transformed the client experience at Nakisa in 2022. Download the full document on your Customer Success Portal>

Have any questions or want to share your feedback for our next report? Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or contact us>

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