Why does Nakisa hire recent graduates? Five steps to join one of Canada’s best employers

Each year, a fresh wave of graduates emerges from universities, presenting a valuable opportunity for businesses to attract highly motivated and eager-to-learn employees.
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Each year, a fresh wave of graduates emerges from universities, presenting a valuable opportunity for businesses to attract highly motivated and eager-to-learn employees. However, recruiting recent graduates can be a challenging process both for young professionals and companies. Unfortunately, many companies miss out on the chance to tap into new talent. Some businesses are persuaded that training recent graduates is costly and time-consuming and they are only looking for people with solid experience.

At Nakisa, we believe in new tech talent and recognize the significant advantages of hiring recent graduates. We can proudly say that over the past years, Canada Top 100 has continuously recognized us as one of the best employers for Recent Graduates.

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In this article, we will share the activities we do for future and recent graduates' recruitment and the reasons why we believe in young professionals. You will also find out about the steps you can take to become a part of Nakisa or any other tech company. Are you ready to learn more? Let's dive right in!

What is Nakisa?

Our company offers adaptable and scalable SaaS solutions in HR, Finance, and Real Estate industries for market leaders. We serve Fortune 1000 companies on a global scale. You’ll see Puma, KIA, Walmart, Nestlé and many other companies you know and love among our clients.

It means that your work at Nakisa will influence hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Yes, it is a great responsibility, but no worries—the brightest minds of our team will have your back! Together, we’ll contribute to the cutting-edge technology that makes other people’s work easier and smarter.

Feel free to learn more about Nakisa’s history and our clients on the website.

What do we do for future and recent graduates?

The Nakisa team has actively participated in more than 10 on-site and virtual events for graduates in 2022. We’ve been visiting career fairs in Montreal universities: McGill University, Polytechnique, Concordia, HEC and ETS, as well as local events organized by international organizations like Women in Tech EMEA and HackerX.

During these events, we communicated with more than 1000 graduate students about the future of the work. We’ve been learning about graduates' career interests and advising them on the skills and knowledge needed for the jobs we offer. Our Talent Acquisition team has the pleasure of communicating one on one with young professionals, adjusting students’ work expectations to the reality of the industry and helping them with tips for the interview process. Our R&D team presents the technology and products to students to help them understand how Nakisa solutions work and what they’ll be doing while working with us.

Enrolled students can benefit from our part-time and full-time internships with flexible working hours, combining their studies with the work at Nakisa.

Recent graduates get inspired by the opportunity to work with the latest technologies in the cloud-native software application at Nakisa. They can finally build meaningful projects that will go out of the classrooms and be applied in the real world. What’s more, they are excited to work for the Fortune 1000 companies that choose Nakisa services.

In 2022, we hired 10 recent graduates and recruited 22 interns from Concordia, McGill, and Polytechnique Montreal. Mostly, they complete a master's degree in the following fields: Software Engineering, Computer Science, Quality Engineering, and Business Administration. They typically work at Nakisa as Software Developers, Software Developers in Test, Onboarding consultants, Cloud Engineers, and Support Developers.

We are happy to open internships and offer permanent positions to recent graduates. During their work at Nakisa, we see a high satisfaction rate among young professionals.

Why do recent graduates become Nakisa employees?

Once fresh graduates get their first job at Nakisa, they enjoy our employee benefits:

  1. Mentorship and guidance from senior coworkers and the ability to pursue career goals.
  2. Hybrid work model with a flexible schedule. The team decides when you all work in the office and when you work from home.
  3. An amazing office in Downtown Montreal with free access to a gym and healthy snacks in the kitchen.
  4. Equipment for remote work: computer, monitor, webcam, keyboard, etc.
  5. A friendly, supportive, and diverse environment with office social activity every month.
  6. Group Insurance, free access to telemedicine, and Group Matching RRSP.
  7. Unlimited paid sick days.
  8. Healthy work-life balance with three weeks of vacation, 1 personal day off, 1 paid day off for volunteering, 1 Nakisa day off, and office shutdown paid during the Christmas period.

At our organization, employee satisfaction is a top priority. We conduct regular surveys to gather valuable feedback from our team and ensure that our management decisions align with their needs and expectations. Additionally, we're committed to helping our employees grow and succeed within the company through performance reviews. By aligning individual and organizational objectives, we aim to create a supportive and rewarding work environment for all.

"I joined Nakisa right after my graduation, almost two years ago. I was introduced to a whole new technology for me, and, like everyone else, I was quite overwhelmed. My manager helped me overcome my hesitation by providing me with constant support and dividing complex tasks into smaller pieces so that we can move step by step. Right now, I’m working on projects with Rest API, Spring boot and JPA, VueJS, and Quasar technologies. I feel way more confident now and I can help others understand and resolve tasks."

— Yasaman Sarlati, Software developer @ Nakisa

Why is hiring recent graduates so important for us?

At Nakisa, we are building our corporate culture around the following values: Fairness, Integrity, Service, and Humanity. We fairly treat everyone, without favoritism or discrimination. Our team is diverse and friendly.

Future or recent graduates are digital and media-savvy, they are living and breathing technology. We just allow them to be themselves—enthusiastic, proactive, and energetic. We believe that recent graduates have new perspectives, and they can empower our solutions with new ideas and creative decisions. Having no or small experience, recent graduates proved to be keen learners and they achieved amazing results for our company.

Surely, we provide fresh graduates with mentorship. Our professional managers guide them and allow them to fulfill their potential. When new employees join us, we invite them to have breakfast with our CEO and management team to learn who is behind our great organization.

We care for our team and each and everyone in it. We believe that our success comes from having an amazing team. We work together on keeping our products inspiring and innovative and today our solutions are recognized as one of the best on the market.

Your five steps to joining any tech company

While you are preparing for the first job interview, you need to do your homework. Here are the steps that guarantee your success in joining Nakisa or any other tech company:

  1. Learn more about the company. Check out the website, social media, blog, and all the public information to understand what the company does, what products or services it creates, and who its clients are.
  2. Check out the tech stack the company is using.
  3. Understand why you want to work there. Your motivation is important. Make sure you have prepared your points about why you enjoy the company and want to join int.
  4. Think about how you can contribute to a company’s growth. Align the company’s needs and processes with your skills and interests. Be ready to tell how exactly you can empower the team.
  5. Connect with people who are working there. It’s a great idea to find people who work at the company you want to join and talk to them to get some guidance or insights.

We also suggest reading this article to prepare yourself for an internship with a tech company.

Wrapping it up

Joining tech companies that serve global clients can sound scary. But many companies alongside Nakisa are eager to offer permanent positions to graduates.

Being an agile organization, Nakisa has global market leaders as clients. Working with us will provide you with exposure to innovative technologies and business requirements. You will get precious experience while working with senior-level experts and pursue your career goals at Nakisa.

Feel free to check our career page or contact us via LinkedIn. Our Talent Acquisition team will happily answer all your questions.

We are looking forward to meeting with you and creating more value together!

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