Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

Given the important role of D&I initiatives in business performance, employee engagement, retention, and fostering a positive employer image, Nakisa Hanelly has released new D&I features. These enable data-driven D&I analysis based on the French Gender Equality Index, allowing companies to centralize D&I data, identify gaps, set goals, and track key metrics.
Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

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Diversity & Inclusion is now the number one talent management priority for CEOs, according to research by Gartner.

Once a compliance area for HR, this shift in focus is due to the clear contribution D&I initiatives have on business performance, employee engagement, employee retention, and positive employer image.

A steady stream of evidence also points to the fact that a diverse workforce can prove to be a clear business advantage.

But how can organizations create a business-focused D&I vision that reflects the reality of today while encompassing the ethics of tomorrow?

By identifying D&I as a priority for driving business results, and by achieving tangible results with strategic tools for implementing, measuring, and reporting D&I initiatives

Centralize Your Strategy with Nakisa Hanelly’s New D&I Features

Nakisa Hanelly’s new D&I features are designed to support profound diversity, parity, and inclusion interventions.

Those already familiar with the D&I features of our powerful HR solution know that Nakisa Hanelly allows you to measure parity by filtering your workforce by gender, location, and retirement age, among others things.

Our latest D&I features, however, developed for the growing needs for the marketplace, allow you craft an even more robust D&I strategy. Based on the French Gender Equality Index, the world standard in D&I measurement, Nakisa Hanelly’s data-driven analysis can measure your current D&I status, identify areas that might require improvement, such as gender pay gaps, and gauge how your organization is meeting short- or long-term goals on a quarterly basis using key performance indicators (KPIs).

This process fosters the development of inclusive leaders and promotes inclusive strategizing into the daily activities of business leaders and HR professionals alike.

The Power of Diversity Analysis

Nakisa Hanelly’s Diversity Analysis is available out of the box and enables you to:

  1. Understand where your organization stands according the French Gender Equality Index—the world standard for D&I recommendations.
  2. Slice and dice data in real time using a comprehensive filter panel to develop customized, targeted filters to focus on potential problem areas.
  3. View customized charts to analyze your current diversity trends and figures.
  4. Plan your D&I strategies to make informed decisions with 360-degree holistic view of your D&I initiatives.
Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

Diversity Analysis Overview

Within this same view, our intuitive dashboards allow you to immediately understand key D&I metrics, as well as:

  1. View diversity reports, zoom into charts, and analyze disparities by gender, nationality, age, or more.
  2. Plan your business transformation specifically to address discrepancies and develop robust new diversity initiatives and succession plans.
  3. Implement your changes and measure the effects of new initiatives over time.
Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

Diversity Analysis Report

The Diversity Analysis Timeline

Our Diversity Analysis Timeline feature provides an analysis of past trends within your organization, including:

  1. Effective Date Analytics: View the impact of previous changes to your workforce and adjust your future business plans accordingly.
  2. Flexible Data Manipulation: With the in-depth analysis available through the Filter Panel, Search, and Details Panel, you can configure new charts and drill down into the data to understand your gender equality or diversity status in specific business units and countries.
Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

Diversity Analysis Timeline

The Benchmark: The French Gender Equality Index

Nakisa Hanelly’s new D&I features provide a clear solution around compensation and pay equity, performance and career succession based on the five recommendations from the French Gender Equality Index, a unique tool fast become the world standard in D&I reporting.

The French Gender Equality Index measures the gaps between women and men with regards to professional achievement along five criteria:

  1. Wage differences between women and men.
  2. Pay increase differences between women and men.
  3. Differences in annual promotions.
  4. Pay increases upon return from parental leave.
  5. Number of women amongst the organization’s top 10 earners.

Nakisa Hanelly’s Gender Equality Analysis Overview

The Nakisa Hanelly Gender Equality Analysis Overview provides advanced analytics to understand your current workforce and view trends in relation to gender equality.

With our Analysis Overview feature, you can

  1. Review your organization as a whole and drill down to examine your total number of employees by gender.
  2. Gain a statistical analysis of the average pay gap between women and men.
  3. Have an executive overview of where you stand in your D&I indicatives and understand your progress over time.
  4. Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders to target and tackle problem areas.
  5. Use advanced search and dynamic filter capabilities to narrow down to specific records and immediately understand your organization’s gender equality as a whole, or in specific business units or countries.
Nakisa Hanelly New D&I Features Release

The Gender Equality Analysis Overview

Creating Sustainable Change

In order to create a clear and powerful D&I strategy, it’s essential to have access to comprehensive, accurate data, effective tools, as well as expert data analysis and reporting tools. An organization’s successful D&I program hinges on demonstrating impact across the talent lifecycle—from sourcing and hiring through to succession. Nakisa Hanelly’s new D&I features allow organizations to create actionable D&I plans for meaningful, lasting change.

Learn more about the latest Nakisa Hanelly releases here.

Please visit for more information or email to arrange a consultation with a product expert.

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