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Latest addition to the Nakisa Hanelly suite allows for increased data integrity for human resources departments

MONTREAL, CANADA, June 20, 2020 / – Nakisa, a global technology company specializing in organizational design and business transformation solutions, today announced the launch of Nakisa Hanelly Insights for HR Data Quality.

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality is an addition to the overall Nakisa Hanelly platform and offers users the next generation in HR analytics. Nakisa Hanelly is an organizational design tool that serves as a single source of truth for companies looking to accelerate their reorganizations, develop D&I initiatives, and provide their stakeholders with powerful HR insights. A complement to Nakisa’s business transformation platform, Nakisa Hanelly empowers HR professionals by giving them the freedom, control, and agility to harness employee data.

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality allows organizations to evaluate their HR data’s integrity and consistency. With its centralized, intuitive visual interface, the tool identifies and reports on inconsistencies in data maintenance. Users can focus in on specific trouble areas, such as company codes, region, overall severity of their data inaccuracies, and even view the scope of their data issues over time.

Enterprises often face challenges managing their HR data ranging from systemic errors such as missing or erroneous data, to contextual errors such as succession planning with employees who are no longer with the company. Trivial as they may seem, these inconsistencies can lead to a loss of trust in data quality, limiting business leaders’ abilities to make strategic decisions, and ultimately impacting the bottom line.

“We realized our customers were experiencing incremental data quality issues that were impacting the accuracy of their HR insights,” said Babak Varjavandi, CEO. “We developed Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality in response to this known issue. By detecting and reporting potential information gaps or data conflicts, Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality allows organizations to easily correct or fine-tune their data discrepancies, and ultimately empower business leaders to make better decisions.”

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality features include:

  1. Automated, rule-based error detection out-of-the-box
  2. Dashboard summaries, tabulation of all data issues, data quality metrics, and trend graphics showing a timeline of inconsistencies and measuring the rate of improvement
  3. Company-specific prioritization levels and recommended actions to resolve inconsistencies and improve quality, allowing companies to prioritize their data issues
  4. Control error resolution and processing times, granting users the control to fix known errors immediately

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality leverages Nakisa Hanelly Insights, a powerful, rules-based engine, to report on inconsistencies and enforce data quality standards directly onto an organization’s HR data. Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality not only audits data but helps track all errors in real time. This allows the solution to make sense of a company’s information while providing actionable insights.

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